Hair loss in women: causes and methods of struggle

Hair loss in women 2020 – 2021

Hair loss in women
Hair loss in women

Hair loss is much more tragic for a woman than for a man. In women, however, the causes of hair loss are not always related to heredity, as in men. Let’s discuss the most common causes and methods of coping with this disease.

In today’s article we will look for answers to the questions listed below;

  • What really works for women’s hair loss?
  • What causes hair loss in females?
  • How can I stop my hair from falling out?
  • Can hair grow back after thinning?
  • What is the best vitamin for hair loss?
  • Why is my hair falling out?
  • What should we eat to reduce hair fall immediately?

Main reasons

1- A woman who condemns herself to diets without consulting a doctor is at risk of losing too much hair. The truth is that in an illiterate diet, there is no mandatory amount of mandatory substances. In addition, the fat layer contains a large number of female hormones responsible for hair growth.

2- Remember that overload and insomnia affect women’s health and especially hair. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid nerve shocks and stresses.

3- After the transmitted infectious diseases, the female body spends its efforts to gain immunity and as a result begins to shed unobtrusive hairs.

4- It consists of a large number of male hormones, androgens, along with hormonal changes in the girl’s body. Therefore, if a woman starts taking oral contraceptives, she runs the risk of losing her hair.

5- Female hormone level increases during pregnancy and sharply decreases after birth. After these changes, thick hair becomes thin, sparse and weak.

6- Scalp diseases require dandruff and peeling of the skin, which then stops the growth of deprived hair.

7- Other rare reasons. For example, radiation or heredity is rare. It can also cause various dangerous diseases.

Remember these reasons and always try to be alert. As a result, the sooner the problem is recognized and resolved, the less the result!

Methods of coping with disease

There are many ways to stop hair loss right now. Among them are popular as:

Lamination is a controversial process for wrapping hair with a special nourishing film. Consultation with an expert is required;

  • Lamination – a controversial procedure for wrapping hair with a special nourishing film. Consultation with an expert is required;
  • Mesotherapy – a procedure in which nutrients are inserted under the scalp with fine needles;
  • Ozone treatment increases the metabolism of the scalp. After ozone treatment, hair growth enhancing treatment methods are effective;
  • Micro Mist – the procedure of “preserving” nutrients in the middle of the hair. It is carried out in several steps using a special apparatus;
  • Folk recipes for making masks and serum at home – this option is budgetary and does not guarantee. However, it could save a bit!

Take care of the health of your hair and do not bring disastrous results!

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