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  • 2017 Mohawk Hairstyles for women

    30 Glamorous Braided Mohawk Hairstyles for Girls and Women

    2020 Braided mohawk hairstyles based on an inverted braid Braided mohawk hairstyles are very popular both in everyday life and are a vivid decoration of the evening image. If you want something unusual, pay attention to this style. Mohawk haircut initially assumes that you shave short hair on both sides of the head, leaving in […] More

  • Mohawk hairstyles for men and women

    12 Best Mohawk Hairstyles for Men and Women in 2020

    Creative men’s haircut is now at the peak of his popularity. Mohawk Hairstyles for Men and women all over the world are receiving considerable attention. Classic, dominated just a few seasons ago, for a given period of time is relevant only for those who are forced to adhere to a strict dress code. All the others can […] More