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hair loss
hair loss

Each of us wants to have dense, shiny hair that gives charm and confidence. Baldness is a popular problem that affects both men and women at a certain age. The causes of this phenomenon may be due to malnutrition, long-term susceptibility to stress, or incorrect skin. Hair loss due to genetic conditions or past diseases. Then how can I restore the health and beauty of the hair? Below are the most effective ways to stop this process and restore its natural strength.

1- A diet rich in vitamins and minerals

Start with the right diet to have healthy hair without excessive shedding problems. Increase folic acid, zinc, biotin and iron, as well as vitamins A, B6, B12, C. The diet must be based on protein, not of animal origin, vegetables and seasonal fruits. In the kitchen, you should use “good” oils. For healthy and unbreakable hair, stop drinking alcohol, soda, caffeine and limit your sugar intake. This will definitely make you happy. You can supplement your diet with oral vitamin preparations.

2- Convenient hair care

The problem of hair loss may be caused by the wrong care that is used unconsciously every day. Mistakes often made by women are multi-style hair styles that attract a lot of hair. Hair is damaged by popular hair straighteners. The use of wax, foam, gel can also be effective in baldness. Remember that the hair does not like very dry and warm air.

3- Use proper cosmetics

For people struggling with hair loss, the simplest solution is to use a suitable shampoo that gently cleanses the hair and scalp and provides the necessary vitamins and minerals. Herbal formula shampoo helps stop this process and also increases flexibility.

Special bulb-shaped cosmetic products promote natural hair growth that will certainly help with the problem of baldness. Treatment improves microcirculation in the scalp cells. They regenerate the cells of the bulbs and positively affect the growth of new hair.

4- Home treatments and rinses

Proven treatments for our great grandmothers will help hair loss. The most famous mask is a combination of egg yolk and castor oil; It strengthens and gives a good shine. Eggs are a valuable source of natural protein that can repair damaged hair and grow new ones. It is sufficient to let this mixture stand for an hour and then rinse. This treatment should be repeated once a week.

Herbal rinses such as nettle, rosemary and ponytail try to deal with hair problems. Such a rinse should be warm, cover the scales of the hair, make it shine and are less susceptible to damage.

5- Stop stress

Stress has a devastating effect on the human body, which unfortunately not only leads to beaten nerves but also to hair loss. How to change this? It’s worth a moment to think about yourself, for example, start doing sports, read your favorite book or watch a movie. Eating chocolate at times is not harmful either.

Try the massage in combination with almond oil to help increase hair density, improving the inflammation of the scalp.

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