10 secrets to healthy hair

healthy hair 2020

healthy hair
healthy hair

Many women want luxury, thick and healthy hair. However, someone was deprived of nature, and one pampered themselves with improper care or experiments because of illness, pregnancy and childbirth. In addition, the weather and our diet affect the health and beauty of the hair. If you are not satisfied with the appearance and condition of your ox, follow the advice given in this article and your hair will be recycled.

1- All and all necessary precautions.

Don’t go too far with air conditioning and masks to make your hair style more spectacular. If you use these products, rinse your hair thoroughly, do not separate your water, water will not harm. Conditioners and remnants of masks make the hair heavier.

Would you like to add volume to your hair style and thicken your hair? Then you need to choose the keratin, collagen and care and styling tools.

2- Vitamins for hair.

Vitamin E and Omega-3 acids help hair to grow faster, make it stronger and shine. These vitamins can be obtained with protein foods by eating nuts or fish regularly.

3- Hot water.

It is not recommended to wash with hot water because the sebum is released when it comes into contact with the hot water skin. This will make your hair style dirty and messy.

4- Lighting.

Remember that lightening hair always damages the condition and appearance. With regular lighting, the hair becomes dry, thin and brittle. And it doesn’t matter how a particular product manufacturer will convince you to give a soft lighting, though it uses the paint, even if it’s not hydrogen peroxide, and then instead. Otherwise, lighting is simply not possible.

5- Thermal protection.

Hair dryers and thermal styling are very harmful to the hair, it is recommended to use a thermal protection agent to avoid damaging the hair. Professional hair dryers also make you feel like split ends, brittleness and so on. not recover. First, it is very difficult to use because they are much heavier than normal. Second, you need to know and use a professional device. After all, if you use the hair excessively under the hot air of this type of hair dryer, this will adversely affect the condition of your hair.

6- Experiments.

You can do irreparable damage to your hair by experimenting with styling, grooming, hair dyes, irons, frizz and other products. Just buy professional hair products at the hair cosmetics shop, use the services of a professional hairdresser and take good care of your hair at a young age. It is easy to ruin the hair, but it is not always possible to straighten it.

7- Rest.

Your hair as you are tired. Tired of styling, drying, curls and tight hair styles. Meanwhile, pulling a tight long hair weakens hair follicles and scalp blood circulation, and hair nutrition becomes problematic. Allow it to dry occasionally without a hairdryer.

8- Malicious ultraviolet.

Hair should be protected from the sun. In direct sunlight, the hair dries, burns, becomes brittle. You can use a hat, hat or any headgear to protect your hair. If you are not wearing a hat and need to protect your hair, carefully inspect the labels when purchasing hair care products. They must specify the SPF. I think that the ultraviolet light among scientists has caused the emergence of gray hair.

9- Wet hair is vulnerable.

Accuracy and careful handling of wet hair will help protect the top layer of the cuticle. For the same reason, it is better not to comb wet hair and not scrub heavily with a towel. Special medicines containing amino acids and vegetable oils will be useful to protect hair from damage.

10- There is no more.

Various clips, elastic bands, rims, if not made of natural materials will damage the hair. They are often used to damage the hair cuticle. All of this is exacerbated after coloring, lightening or permitting hair.

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