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  • ponytail hairstyles for women

    Ponytail hairstyles for women will get you results faster

    Ponytail hairstyles are among the most favorite hairstyles for women of all age groups, especially young girls, as they are easy and effortless. It can be examined under two headings as high and low ponytail hairstyles. There is no need to spend a lot of time to create a very modern model. Just imagine and […] More

  • natural hairstyles for black women 2023

    Easy-care and effortless natural hair styles for black women

    Natural hairstyles for black women can be said to be the favorite and trendy hairstyles of women who do not want to look for a new model and who want to be stylish. Choosing a natural hairstyle for short and long hair can sometimes be a little difficult. We will try to save you this […] More

  • cornrow hairstyles for women 2023

    Effortless and stylish cornrow hairstyles for women

    A hairstyle originating from Africa and the Caribbean, cornrow braids are a type of braid that is woven flat on the scalp in straight rows and has a raised appearance resembling rows of corn or sugarcane. It is among the trending hairstyles for men and women. Depending on how they are set up and maintained, […] More

  • Layered Bob Haircuts for Face Shapes 2022 - 2023

    14 Fashionable Cute Layered Bob Haircuts for Face Shapes

    I have prepared images of layered bob haircuts for women who are looking for an effortless and easy hairstyle. I specially compiled the catalog of very charming and stylish models. You will not notice the change without trying bob models that will suit your face shape very well. Especially when choosing layered short bob hairstyles, […] More

  • Shoulder-length haircuts 2022-2023

    Shoulder-length haircuts: the most fashionable options

    Especially young girls used to feel happier by wearing long hairstyles, but nowadays they prefer shoulder-length hairstyles. Medium length haircuts combined with more long bob models for curly or wavy hair are good for any face type. Let’s start examining the images for hair types, colors and the latest trends. More

  • Long Bob (Lob) Haircuts and Hairstyles

    The Best 10 Long bob haircuts for less maintenance and elegance

    Long bob haircuts are a haircut with more modern lines for women who do not like very short hairstyles. It will be a great choice to put an end to braided hairstyles. You can create a model suitable for your face shape among asymmetrical and classic long bob haircuts. The long bob hair trend has […] More

  • Pixie haircuts and hair colors

    Trendy short hair: Pixie hairstyle

    Not everyone dares to have short hair. But we all love it because it’s handy and easy to shape! Pixie haircut is one of the most popular and most sought-after hairstyles in recent times. The feature of this model, which provides an active, lively and youthful appearance, is that the tops are long, the top […] More

  • Hair colors for long hair types Autumn-winter 2023

    Hair colors for long hair types: Autumn-winter 2023

    The winter months are slowly approaching and hair colors for 2023 have started to gain more pastel looks. We want to help you choose the right color for the hair that is colored in the intensity of red, blonde, brown and chestnut colors. There is no need to say much for autumn winter hair colors […] More

  • Short haircuts and hair color for women over 60 in 2022-2023

    Does short hair make you look older or younger?

    The year 2023 is approaching and women over 60 now prefer short haircuts such as pixie and short bob to look younger. Do short haircuts make women younger? Are women over 50 happy with this change in their hair to stay young? What kind of end awaits the hair world, which pixie cuts have taken […] More

  • Which pixie cut is the best? - Pixie hairstyles 2022-2023

    Which pixie cut is the best in 2022-2023?

    Which pixie cut is the best? The best pixie cuts are those that fit your face shape, character, hair type, and personality. A modern pixie cut is mostly done with long side bangs and short angled side fringes. The tops, on the other hand, elevate the hair with wavy and spiky layers that are cut […] More

  • Box braids hairstyles 2022-2023 What are the different types of box braids?

    What are the different types of box braids? Box braids hairstyles 2022-2023

    Box braids are generally the hair braiding style preferred by African people and people belonging to African culture. In the past, box knits were used to express their readiness for marriage as well as reflecting their economic status with the beads, jewels or symbols they wore while knitting. Today, box braids, which can be made […] More

  • 2023 Hairstyles for Straight Hair - Which hairstyle is best for straight hair

    2023 Hairstyles for Straight Hair – Which hairstyle is best for straight hair?

    Which hairstyle is best for straight hair? While straight hair is very popular for most women, some women do not like it because there are not many possibilities for styling. That’s why straight hairstyles are important for women with straight hair. Layered cuts are the most common cuts to add air and slightly wavy and […] More

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