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  • new hair dye

    What to do when dyed hairs burn?

    Most of the time, modern girls want to be trendy and do their best. Therefore, in the pursuit of beauty, many continue to be disappointed with the outcome. This, unfortunately, applies to dyed hair. Although dyeing hair is attributed to a gentle treatment, you can ruin it even after that. Of course, the degree of […] More

  • hair growing products

    How can I accelerate hair growth?

    Long woman hair never goes out of style. Curls, flowing steps, luxurious vests are women’s jewelry, beauty and pride. More than 70% of men in the world think that long-haired women are more attractive than short-haired ones. Unfortunately, not everyone is born from this nature. How does it help hair growth, speed up the process? […] More

  • hairstyles 2019-2020

    How do you protect your hair from ultraviolet rays?

    During the warm season, with the increase in sun activity, you need to be careful not only to open the skin, but also to the hair in particular. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun dries hair and destroys both artificial and natural pigment. As a result, your hair dulls and burns. It is very noticeable in […] More

  • shampoo and hair conditioner

    How to use the right shampoo and hair conditioner?

    Daily hair care makes your hair healthy. It is as important as daily skin care. The hair care procedure is not only a few standard hair care products, but more. Diet and lifestyle play an important role for hair. Here are daily hair care tips that will help keep your hair healthy. Shampoo Clean hair […] More

  • hair products 2020

    5 hair products that blondes should use in summer

    As blondes, we like our hair healthy. But when it comes to being a thin-haired woman in the summer, our struggle begins.Everything from the pool to the sun starts to work against us. Fortunately, it is possible to protect our hair with some products created by the gods of hair care for us. Silver shampoos […] More

  • dry shampoo

    Stop hair washing with dry shampoo

    You will not be exposed to washing your hair every day thanks to the increasing importance of dry shampoo. Women’s biggest problem is their hair. The effect of neglected hair on our psychology is quite large. Don’t say, “Does hair reflect a person’s mood?. Because it reflects. The secret to looking amazing starts in your […] More

  • Hair care for women 2020

    What should hair care be for modern and attractive women?

    If you want to learn about what care cures you will use for your hair, you can take a look at the recipes prepared for you. You may need to consider many different criteria to care for your hair. Once you have had the paint even after the maintenance is required. Even if you do […] More

  • Blonde hair care in summer 2019-2020

    How to care for blonde hair in summer 2019-2020?

    Blonde hair requires more care and time than others. Even though it is common for all of us to protect our hair in the summer months, this situation requires a special care for those who have yellow hair colors. So, how should you care for blonde hair in the summer? Feed with hair care conditioner […] More

  • Natural Hair Care Cures

    7 Natural Hair Care Cures You Can Do At Home!

    The seasons are changing, our clothes, shoes, skin creams and even the colors we use adapt to this change. Almost everyone is doing daily skin care; but one thing we forgot, our hair is as much affected by the weather as our skin! Your hair needs restructuring like your skin. Already, dye, tongs, blow dryer, […] More

  • How to hair care for babies

    How to hair care for babies 2019-2020?

    Like babies, their hair is soft and sensitive. Taking hair care of your baby’s hair is part of her daily cleaning. So, how should babies hair care? Although babies’ hair is very delicate and brittle, hair care should not be too complicated. When washing your baby’s hair, you should use a shampoo and then dry. […] More

  • Hair-care-2020

    Hair care treatments for broken and dull hair

    Who doesn’t want to be long, silky and shiny? We all envy people who were born with natural shiny hair and even envy them. As we are not born with the lucky genes, we do more chemical damage to the hair and make it dull and shed. Here are 5 recipes for hair care masks […] More

  • red hair care 2019-2020

    How should red hair care be?

    Red hair fashion, which is at the top every year, is a nice color that cannot be given up by women with white skin. If your redheads have started to fade and have lost their luster, we’ve given you tips on how to care for red hair. Here’s what you need to do for red […] More