Hair loss: causes, symptoms and how to stop hair loss

hair loss 2020

hair loss 2020
hair loss 2020

Hair is an important part of a person’s appearance, so the loss of self-dissatisfaction leads to a decrease in self-esteem, especially in women and adolescents. To stop hair loss you must first determine the cause.

While researching hair loss and combat methods, we will try to answer the following questions that users are most curious about and ask on google.

  • How can I stop my hair from thinning and falling out?
  • Why am I losing more than usual?
  • What can make your hair fall out?
  • How can I stop my hair from falling out?
  • Can hair grow back after thinning?
  • Why is my hair so thin?
  • How do I know if I’m losing my hair female?
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  • How can I stop my hair loss?
  • What causes females to lose hair?

Is hair loss the norm?

Hair is shed every day. 100 hair loss per day is the norm for a human being. However, in some people, hair loss is much more intense. This hereditary predisposition can be caused by damage to the capillary vessel under the influence of stress or by the use of certain medications under the influence of diseases of the body.

What causes hair loss?

First of all, hair loss is due to genetic reasons, baldness is inherited from one or two parents. Such male and female hair loss models are called androgenic alopecia. By the age of 50, about half of all people exhibit such hair loss.

Other common causes of hair loss include:

  • Ringworm (more common in children).
  • Recent surgery, illness, psychological or physical stress such as high fever.
  • Chemotherapy, the use of drugs to fight against cancerous tumors.
  • Very tight hair styles, very tight braids and ponytails, the use of curling irons (hair straightener), hair dye.
  • Depletion of the body (pregnancy, hypovitaminosis, anorexia).
  • Age. With age, hair growth slows and their numbers decrease.

What are the symptoms of baldness?

Baldness may occur due to thinning of the hair (you may not notice hair loss) or sudden loss of all bundles. Hair may fall from the entire surface of the head as a whole and locally at a specific location. With hereditary baldness in men, bald patches often appear and gradually increase in the front of the head and hill, while in women hereditary baldness manifests in the thinning of the hairline along the entire surface of the head.

How is baldness diagnosed?

Baldness is diagnosed using the patient’s medical history and physical examination. To determine the cause of hair loss, it is necessary to analyze all the factors that affect their condition: whether parents suffer from baldness, when hair loss begins, how much hair will fall out. Therefore, be prepared to answer any questions you may have when contacting a doctor. During the examination, the doctor examines the surface of your head, perhaps removing small locks and even removing a few hairs. You may need to examine your hair under a microscope, and you may also need to analyze your blood to detect a disease.

How to stop hair loss?

Once you understand the cause of the loss, you can begin to get rid of this problem.

If the reason is stress, then you should take a soothing course, perhaps change jobs, meditate and relax.

If the cause is depletion of the body (pregnancy, hypovitaminosis, anorexia), then it is time to switch to a healthy and balanced diet rich in fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs.

If the reason is the use of tight hairstyles, hair dye and hair devices (hair dryers, iron, curling iron, etc.), it is time to rest your hair. You can create a simple short hairstyle, so you don’t have to style your daily hair and create complex hair styles. The hair will relax, heal and will grow again with renewed vitality.

Will the hair grow again?

Whether the hair grows or not depends on the cause of its loss. If you inherit hair loss, you will need a comprehensive treatment to straighten your hair line. Those who do not benefit from medical treatment will need to switch to hair transplantation (transplanting healthy hair follicles to bald areas). If the cause of hair loss is medication, stress, pregnancy or physical damage, the hair usually recovers by itself.

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