Best 10 Hair care tips – How to get healthy hair?

Best 10 Hair care tips in 2018-2019

Best 10 Hair care tips – How to get healthy hair? It is sometimes inconceivable for our hair to grow longer and longer to be healthy. Do not miss maintenance ideas that will get results in a short time with regular maintenance.

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Hair care 2019

1 – Protect your hair against weather conditions.

We always forget that we leave our hair vulnerable to weather conditions. We know that you have dried the hair roots of the sun, but the wind and the rain cause the hair to become damp without moisture, so the hair starts to become electric easily.

2 – Attention to water temperature

When the shower is hot, the water is very hot and it damages both hair roots and hair ends. Do not forget that by washing your hair with warm water you can prevent hair breaks and fractures.

3 – When choosing shampoo

When choosing your shampoo, do not miss it first of all you need to pick the right product you need. The path to healthy hair goes through products with healthy content at the same time. Stay away from the shampoos that will cause your hair to dry out and worn over time, such as ammonium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, paraben and Polyethelyne Glycol.

– Chlorine Mango Oil Extracted Care Oil, which does not contain parabens, is worn and dying from cold in winter months, bringing spring energy. With its mango extract, it nourishes your hair with moisturizing, brighter, more vibrant, stronger and healthier hair.

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