Best 10 Hair care tips – How to get healthy hair?

Best 10 Hair care tips in 2018-2019

4 – Foam and hair styling

The hair we use to shape my hair and hair stylers may cause breakage, breakage and burning because of contact with our hair at high temperature. Be careful to use all kinds of devices that work at high temperature and shape. While you are using your hair, spread your heat away from your hair. When using hair stylists, always use the maintenance serum or oils that will protect your hair in advance.

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5 – Using towels

After the shower, the towel we put back with a towel to pull the moisture of our hair causes the hair to break and electricize. Wet hair is always more luscious and is the result of habits that damage your hair, such as breaking-cracks. Instead of thick towels you can use organic thin cotton towels. Instead of wrapping our hair and throwing it back, you can massage the hair to remove the moisture.

6 – Do not let your hair lose its moisture

During the day, the hair is faced with many environmental factors. The whole mask of cigarette smoke, dirty weather and the daily stress of living in the big city has a great effect on how our hair looks as much as we are. When all these factors come together, our hair loses its moisture and starts to look inanimate. Use oil and creams to moisten your hair after showering and / or during the day. Choose hair care creams that have a moisturizing moisturizing feature as well as day care creams.

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– Phyto Hydrating Day Cream moisturizes your hair with a seven plant-based formula, which meets the daily moisture requirement of the hair and does not need to rinse. After use, you can see that your hair is filling and natural shine. In addition to moisturizing your hair, Phyto 7 creates a shield against daily environmental factors for your hair.

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