Best 10 Hair care tips – How to get healthy hair?

Best 10 Hair care tips in 2018-2019

7 – Do not wash your hair every day

Washing your hair every day and using shampoo leads to drying of hair roots and course. In order for your hair to be healthy, it needs oil that your hair follicles naturally secrete. The process of ensuring this lubrication and moisture balance in the hair that is washed daily is beginning to dry out because it is constantly exposed to extreme water, seeing external intervention. We should leave behind the frequent washing habits that open the way for hair thinning. It is enough to wash your hair three days a week as healthy hair will be day-to-day.

8 – Get vitality with vinegar

It sounds like a story that you hear of your grandparents and we often hear behind the scenes, but it actually works. After applying your hair shampoo-cream, apply and mix in a crisp cleaver haircut. Rinse your hair with water before you go out. This process helps to make your hair shine out of chemical wastes.

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9 – Eat healthy …

Rich eating habits that you will get with healthy oils like Omega 3 as well as vegetables and greens that contain shades of green and red will ensure that your hair has the natural splendor and vitality. Do not forget that what you eat always affects your appearance. The vegetable and protein you will get from both meat and pulses is the golden rule for your hair to be healthy from the inside out. Whether you have long or short pixie hairstyles, eating healthy always gives your hair power.

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