How do I get my hair back after the beach break?

beach hairstyles 2020

beach hairstyles 2020
beach hairstyles 2020

The longest holiday is expected and we spend almost an entire year preparing for a few weeks of paradise. This time is associated with sea, warm southern sun and beautiful nature trips, and in most cases we do.

Remember, however, that the sun’s rays and seawater do not only have a healing effect on the body, they can also damage our hair.

Under the influence of the sun the salts of sea water and hot air lose moisture, become brittle, become lifeless, in some cases tend to fall. Hair care and nutrition are always necessary, but special attention should be paid to returning from rest.

Start by restoring the pigment of the affected hair. For these purposes, the dyes are, for example, a professional cream dye which can make the hair structure soft, bright and give a rich color. You should choose a shampoo and ointment for dry, brittle and colored hair to wash your hair.

A massage procedure will be extremely useful to improve blood circulation and ensure the regeneration of skin cells. At the same time, you don’t need special skills, the blood and nutrient flow can be stimulated independently by massaging the scalp in a circular motion. To perform the procedure, comb the hair with a massage brush, apply a lotion or serum for the skin type appropriate for the hair type.

You should start the massage slowly from the temporal area to your forehead, to the top, and to the back of the head. Initially, the movements should be light and still, you should have a more intense massage. You can also use a massage brush for this purpose, which must comb your hair in different directions for a while.

Hair masks have an excellent restoration effect and you can cook them at home from simple ingredients. For dry and lifeless hair, a mask prepared on the basis of burdock devoid of shine is suitable. To prepare a house medicine, you need one hundred grams of root of the plant (you can buy it in pharmacies) and a glass of olive oil. Roots are chopped, reduced to a container, filled with olive oil and steeped for at least 24 hours.

The resulting infusion should be boiled for 15-20 minutes at very low temperature, cooled and filtered thoroughly. Hair mask ready. Now, it must be applied to hair wrapped in hair, wrapped in cling film or parchment. After you leave this composition on your hair for about two hours, rinse with shampoo and conditioner that should match the hair type.

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