6 common mistakes in hair care

mistakes in hair care

mistakes in hair care
mistakes in hair care

Every woman knows that hair condition can affect self-confidence and well-being. It should be noted that a magnificent hair style requires great responsibility. Dyeing, cutting, using products that support your favorite hair, drying – all these movements affect their appearance, not always what you expect. Here are some common hair care errors that can ruin your hair.

Weak cosmetics

Hair less than the skin on the face requires proper care and care. Unfortunately, most cosmetics and care products do more damage to the hair than good. Many shampoos and masks contain harmful substances (sulphates, parabens, etc.). Therefore, it is extremely important to select funds with natural components in their composition. You can choose Tangi Mori at These Korean cosmetics are made up of herbal extracts that provide moisturizing, nourishment, protection and intensive restoration of damaged hair.

Irregular crop

If you never leave your hair, you know how easy it is to get used to the length. This is why you can skip normal pruning. This may adversely affect the condition of the hair. The roots grow again and the tips become destroyed over time and require special attention. Cut them to maintain the integrity of the hair and accelerate the growth. Visit the hairdresser at least 2 or better – 3 times a month. This helps maintain a beautiful and healthy hairstyle.

Excess nutrients

Silky, soft strands are just an example of beautiful hair. In order to maintain or maintain their condition, many women enjoy applying large amounts of various nutrients to them. After all, more, better, right? Not really. Of course, adequate moisturizing and nourishing of the hair makes them soft and silky, but some women don’t always understand how to use these products. Nutrients should be applied only to the ends of the hair, not the scalp.

Use of artificial hair

A lush luxurious hair mane can make you feel like Jennifer Lopez, but you should approach the extension carefully. Otherwise, it may harm you and even cause baldness. The best option is to find and inspect a good hairdresser specializing only in hair extensions.

Using the same brush type

Of course, you can save money just by using a hairbrush, but this is not the best way to keep them in good condition. Some of these devices can “pull saç the hair excessively. The best tool for them is soft-haired combs or brushes.

Attaching very narrow queues

Such habit, with continuous or long-term use, can also damage the grandeur and shine of the hair. The damage mechanism here is that the surface layer of the scalp feeding the hair follicles is inadequate blood supply and nutritional conditions caused by stagnant processes.

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