Dry scalp

Dry scalp 2020

Dry scalp
Dry scalp

One of the most common problems of modern women is dandruff. With its appearance, the majority goes to the supermarket for a fashionable brand dandruff shampoo, or at best to a pharmacy for medical shampoos. However, this is a huge mistake.

You should first determine the cause of dandruff. Medical shampoos will help you get rid of fungi, but if dandruff is not within the cause, then, therefore, it will have no effect. A common cause of its appearance is dry scalp. It is worth considering that all dandruff shampoos dry the skin more and only worsen the problem and are therefore inappropriate to use.

With dry scalp this problem should be addressed extensively. Eat foods that contain fat – fish, olives, sesame, etc. It is useful to take vitamins A, E.

Remember what you can’t do:

  • Wash your hair with hard chlorine water, visit the pool without covering.
  • Dry the hair with a hair dryer, especially hot air.
  • Being in the sun and cold without a hat.
  • Abuse forming, curling and ironing.

There are numerous recipes for traditional medicine to overcome this problem.

Effective mask for dry scalp

Rub the onion on a thin grater, wrap the resulting slurry in a gauze bag and rub the scalp by pressing it to make its water stand out, then wrap the head with a towel and polyethylene. This mask should be washed thoroughly using a chamomile boiling mixture, where you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Be prepared for the fact that the hairs may smell like onions for a while.

Oil masks are more effective but also time-consuming: mix 1 to 1 olive and burdock oils, apply to scalp and distribute to hair, then heat with a towel and polyethylene. As you can see in practice, oil masks wash your hair very weakly, you should wash your head 3-4 times with a good shampoo until the hair is completely cleaned.

The following composition is good for feeding the scalp: 1 tbsp yogurt, 1 tbsp honey and 2 tbsp coconut oil (sold in stores for handmade cosmetics). This composition should be applied to the scalp, it will be beneficial to massage with it – it will improve blood circulation and increase the effect of the mask.

An effective way to treat scalp is animal fat. To do this, it is best to use yew oil (sold in the pharmacy). It should be applied to the scalp before washing more than once a week. Not only does it solve the problem of dryness, it also increases growth, makes the hair vivid and shiny.

Compression is also useful for dry scalp. Apply any oily cream to the skin, add 1 capsule of Vitamin A and E and leave for 15-20 minutes, then wash your hair as usual.

Do not discount professional hair care products because scientists and cosmeticians are working on their development. Professional hair masks usually contain natural ingredients and their composition is perfectly balanced, so the effect of their use is obvious and concrete. At you can choose masks and care products for each hair type.

Given the entire arsenal of dry scalp, cosmetics available and traditional medicine, this is not such a big problem.

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