Haircuts and hairstyles for long hair of the season 2020 (photos)

Long hairstyles for women 2020

Long hairstyles for women 2020
Long hairstyles for women 2020

Long hair always looks very feminine, especially since the haircuts of this season are precisely aimed at creating a gentle and romantic look.

The vast majority of haircuts suggest a cascading solution, which perfectly adds volume even to thin and sparse hair. For those who can boast of lush hair, it makes sense to try the “torn ends”. But, by and large, this is completely optional, it is enough just to give preference to a haircut with additional volume and strands of different lengths.

The graduation effect this year is becoming a trend, and owners of long hair just have to decide how pronounced it will be manifested in their haircut. This technique has a lot of advantages and, in addition to volume, it well corrects the oval of the face, making it a little more elongated.

Types of haircuts

If we go to haircuts, then the most fashionable for long hair is an elongated bob, cascade, ladder and session.

Long hairstyles for women 2020
Long hairstyles for women 2020

For those who plan to try a haircut with alternating strands of different lengths, but want to choose the softest option, it is recommended that Sesson, which is gaining popularity, has a soft contour and involves the creation of several layers located at a certain slope. Sesson is sometimes called a hairstyle in vintage style, and indeed, the haircut was mega-popular in the 60s and 70s, but basically then it was performed only on short and medium hair. Sesson on long hair looks very modern, and no one will blame you for not wanting to follow fashion.

Ladder and cascade have a more pronounced uneven silhouette: strands of different lengths look noticeable, which, however, is the purpose of these haircuts. But it is precisely this form that allows you to get a magnificent hairstyle, in addition, the ladder and cascade belong to haircuts that are young and do not require complex styling.

Long hairstyles for women 2020
Long hairstyles for women 2020

Bob on long hair not only allows you to throw off several years, but also create a highly fashionable look. The main feature of this haircut is a clearly structured contour, achieved by shortened back strands and longer near the face. How significant the difference between the strands will depend on the haircut option: sometimes this transition is almost imperceptible and it seems that the strands are the same length. The bean is easy to style and goes well even with large curls.

Highlighting and staining

Long hair this season can be of very different colors, not excluding the love of many highlighting ladies. If, nevertheless, we talk about the most popular shades, then this is primarily natural: light brown, red, ash, chestnut.

Other details

Many haircut options involve a wide variety of bangs: straight, oblique, short and long. But do not forget that long hair is good and generally without bangs, which is also permissible in this season. Of the interesting features, it is worth noting the fashion for parting and hairstyles, where the hair is simply tucked behind the ears and fixed with either hairpins or a thin rim. At the peak of popularity and hairstyles with shaved temples and a nape. To demonstrate the shaved nape, long hair fit in a high hairstyle. For owners of long hair who are not afraid of an experiment with shaved temples, a French braid is recommended.

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