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Stylish haircuts for medium hair 2020-2021

Medium length hairstyles 2020-2021

Medium length hairstyles 2020-2021
Medium length hairstyles 2020-2021

Medium-length hair allows you to strike a balance between a very simple hair treatment and the desired variety. So, which haircut for hair of this length is considered the most fashionable this season? What will be the most trendy medium-length haircuts in 2020? What trends will ladies follow?

The trend of the 2020 season is natural, which means that the use of varnish, foam and foam should be minimized: hair should develop easily in the wind and not create a completely immobile feeling. In addition to volume, separation becomes a part of fashion, as well as any light asymmetry, which is also quite strong, which gives the hair a rather exaggerated appearance. Provides for the season and various types of explosions. Straight bangs are usually not too long and can only reach the brow line. The most popular haircuts include bob, cascade, staircase and others, including graduation and combination of yarns of different lengths.


The square is considered a kind of immortal classic. And, indeed, such a hairstyle goes to almost all women and is suitable at any age. A square can be made with a straight bang, with or without a scythe. This haircut does not bring particularly serious requirements to hair thickness, but for hair owners who are not too thick, stylists recommend adding volume with a more important graduation. It is also important to note that there is a frame that makes it possible to vary your image with curls.


Of course, this haircut is more challenging than a frame that requires careful preservation of the form, but it assumes the most diverse options for applying the haircut and style. Bob is most recommended for women with rounded faces. With this haircut, cheeks and cheekbones appear narrower. For those who want to look a little younger, Bob’s haircut with a slight asymmetry is recommended. Graduation will help to hide some angles and visually create the effect of a more regular facial oval. Of course, for young women, Bob’s choice of shaving the temporal region or the occipital part will be interesting. To create a truly shocking image, you can only shave and shave the area in the area of ​​a temple so that you can overcome the idea of ​​asymmetry that was fashionable in 2020.


An interesting and versatile hairstyle will create an additional volume for both thick and thin hair holders, because strands of different lengths appear more mobile in this haircut. Such a haircut is recommended to anyone who wants to look very young and often softer and feminine. To vary the image, review the highlighting options. The plus of layered haircuts is an easy style: apply a little foam to the hair follicles area on wet hair, blow dry with a hair dryer, add volume with comb and your hair style is in perfect condition.


The hairstyle, which was fashionable in the 80s, is again among the most wanted. It is characterized by the additional volume in the region of the hill formed by the shortened strands, which are gradually becoming longer. The hairstyle is recommended for round-faced women, because it makes the multilayer facial oval longer. The hairstyle is very easy to style and looks great along with soft curls.

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