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  • Women's hairstyles for summer 2020-2021

    Top trend women’s hairstyles for summer 2020

    Long braids, big waves, wet looks, messy buns nasıl How colors, cuts will determine hair trends this summer? We got ideas from five hair design experts. What about inspiring your summer style? The hair trends of the summer of 2020 are progressing both under the leadership of re-turns and new fashion tones. This time our […] More

  • brunette hair colors 2019-2020

    Hair colors that fit brunette women 2019-2020

    While each woman’s style is different, her passion for beautification is common to all women. From the days when we begin to end childhood and transition to puberty, we do not leave women’s magazines and we are interested in makeup and care products. The most important complement of a woman’s elegance and beauty is her […] More

  • Hair care for women 2020

    What should hair care be for modern and attractive women?

    If you want to learn about what care cures you will use for your hair, you can take a look at the recipes prepared for you. You may need to consider many different criteria to care for your hair. Once you have had the paint even after the maintenance is required. Even if you do […] More

  • Wavy hairstyles for women 2019-2020

    How To Make Wavy Hair For Women With Straight Hair?

    The most important point in women’s own appearance is their hair. Hairstyles that change almost every outfit and combi are known as the reasons women feel happy or unhappy when they look in the mirror. Of course, the first model that comes to the mind of women who prefer to make different models of their […] More

  • Easy and quick hairstyles 2019-2020

    Women don’t want to spend time on their hair

    Today’s living conditions push us to be faster in every field. At the same time, we may have to compromise the time we devote to ourselves while trying to do countless things. We also talked with famous hair stylists and asked women about their choice of hair. When I analyzed it, the stylists said that […] More

  • Blonde hair care in summer 2019-2020

    How to care for blonde hair in summer 2019-2020?

    Blonde hair requires more care and time than others. Even though it is common for all of us to protect our hair in the summer months, this situation requires a special care for those who have yellow hair colors. So, how should you care for blonde hair in the summer? Feed with hair care conditioner […] More

  • Natural Hair Care Cures

    7 Natural Hair Care Cures You Can Do At Home!

    The seasons are changing, our clothes, shoes, skin creams and even the colors we use adapt to this change. Almost everyone is doing daily skin care; but one thing we forgot, our hair is as much affected by the weather as our skin! Your hair needs restructuring like your skin. Already, dye, tongs, blow dryer, […] More

  • How to hair care for babies

    How to hair care for babies 2019-2020?

    Like babies, their hair is soft and sensitive. Taking hair care of your baby’s hair is part of her daily cleaning. So, how should babies hair care? Although babies’ hair is very delicate and brittle, hair care should not be too complicated. When washing your baby’s hair, you should use a shampoo and then dry. […] More

  • Hair-care-2020

    Hair care treatments for broken and dull hair

    Who doesn’t want to be long, silky and shiny? We all envy people who were born with natural shiny hair and even envy them. As we are not born with the lucky genes, we do more chemical damage to the hair and make it dull and shed. Here are 5 recipes for hair care masks […] More

  • red hair care 2019-2020

    How should red hair care be?

    Red hair fashion, which is at the top every year, is a nice color that cannot be given up by women with white skin. If your redheads have started to fade and have lost their luster, we’ve given you tips on how to care for red hair. Here’s what you need to do for red […] More

  • how to make hair care 2020

    How to make hair and skin care in summer 2019-2020?

    Hair Care and Beauty Experts, in the summer sun, sea salt and chemicals caused by the pools to repair the damage proposed to use sesame and argan oil. Experts dealing with Hair Care and Beauty Services advised the use of sesame and argan oil to relieve wear, transferring that sun, sand and sea lead to […] More

  • Non-sweating hairstyles in hot weather

    Non-sweating hairstyles in hot weather 2020

    In summer we can not tolerate the heat we can collect our hair. However, while doing this, you may want our hair to look more beautiful. We have put together hairstyles that do not sweat for you in hot weather. Here are the hairstyles you can use in hot weather … Braided Ponytail You can […] More

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