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23 Stylish French Braid Hairstyles Photos and Video Tutorials (2020 Update)

French Braid Hairstyles 2017-2018

French braid hairstyles and other braids are fatally ideal on frizzy hair. The absolute hit was the trend, very popular in the past year. Thus, the most current hairstyle this summer, has been recognized by the braid on the side. However, according to many hairdressers masters, this hairstyle can be considered a major hit of the year. In addition to the classical type of hairstyles, models showed slightly carelessly braided tresses. Therefore, such hairstyles stylists West gave the name of “french braid.” Besides long braids on the side, it is also considered an actual “fish tail” (in other words “spike”). These types of braids look great in combination with long bangs What hairstyle, often saves us daily life? Ponytail hairstyles ! Adapted to all occasions and achievable in a turn of the hand, the ponytail is ideal in case of “bad hair day”. But beware, far from being banal and boring, there are a thousand and one declensions of the ponytail, all more original than the others! Falsely neglected, this hairstyle works better on hair washed the day before. Bend your head down, apply a structuring spray, A hairstyle “jump-of-bed” for a look that decoiffe! The ponytail can also be Make a braid on the side of the head with a lock of medium hair before mixing it with the rest of your natural hair. The embossed hair was a rage in the 90s. Today, the trend is back in force for the winter of 2020! Emboss some strands of your hair, brush them and tie them all for a trendy ponytail!

2017 French Braid Hairstyles
2020 – 2021 French Braid Hairstyles                                            Source
French Braid Hairstyles
Attractive French Braid Hair for Black Women in 2020 – 2021                            Source
French Braid Hairstyles
Black Hair French Braid Hair Style 2020 – 2021                                        Source
French Braid Hairstyles
Blonde Hair Messy French Braid Hair 2020 – 2021                                      Source
French Braid Hairstyles
Bridal Bun French Braid Hair in 2020 – 2021                                                  Source
French Braid Hairstyles
Brown Hair French Braid Hairstyles for winter 2020 – 2021Source
French Braid Hairstyles
Buns French Braid Hair 2020 – 2021                                   Source

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