30 Glamorous Braided Mohawk Hairstyles for Girls and Women

Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

2020 Braided mohawk hairstyles based on an inverted braid

Braided mohawk hairstyles are very popular both in everyday life and are a vivid decoration of the evening image. If you want something unusual, pay attention to this style.

Mohawk haircut initially assumes that you shave short hair on both sides of the head, leaving in the middle a strip of hair that runs from the center of the forehead to the back of the head. Today, the original version of the Iroquois does not occur so widely, especially among women, because most often a false mohawk is used, using the same idea that does not require cutting hair.

A false mohawk can be created with the help of various techniques, for example weaving, or styling of hair in this style, which looks much more attractive. You just need to make the hair on the sides smooth, and in the center of the head place a beautiful element – a scythe or “flashlights”, fluffy bundles.

2017 Mohawk Hairstyles for women
20202 Modern Braided Mohawks for Girls and Women                         Source
2017 Mohawk Hairstyles for women
African-American braided mohawk 2020                                                Source
2017 Mohawk Hairstyles for women
Beautiful mohawk updo 2020                                                Source
2017 Mohawk Hairstyles for women
Best braided updo 2020                                                         Source
2018 Mohawk Hairstyles
Black braided mohawk for natural hair 2020                                    Source
2018 Mohawk Hairstyles
Braided mohawks with a weave                                          Source

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