Why do hair get tangled in winter and what to do about it?

long hair 2020
long hair 2020

Holders of long (especially curly) hair often face the problem of hair loss. Some girls are unlikely to be pleased. But the cause of this problem and how will it deal with it?


  1. Dry and dried hair. Most of the time, it is dry hair at the confused end. In this case, you need a comprehensive and regular care or your hair.
  2. Lack of vitamins and minerals.
  3. Frequent use of hot appliances. This is probably one of the most common causes of half of the hair problems, because the structure of our hair is damaged by heat treatment.
  4. Aggressive components in shampoo.
  5. Frequent staining and chemical salon procedures.
  6. Environment.
  7. Improper nutrition and disturbing water balance.

So how to deal with this problem?

Now is a cold time, many factors can make the situation worse, and some of you can not change completely.

First of all, this applies to sudden changes in frost, wind, temperature and dry weather. You cannot get rid of these factors completely, but you can minimize their effects on hair. For example, try wearing a hat to prevent your hair from frost, wind and extreme temperatures. And if you have long hair, weave them in spikelets and put them under the hat. You may not like this hairstyle, but your hair will not suffer. Also pay attention to your title. Try to make it made of natural materials, because synthetics rub your hair and affect it badly. You can increase the air humidity by household methods (wet towel in the radiator) or special devices.

The second factor that affects our hair in winter is our nutrition. Indeed, during the winter season, you can not consume too much fruit, because most are not as in summer. In winter, thirst does not manifest as in summer. Therefore, try to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Yes, you can replace them with vitamins, but still, natural products are better absorbed. The same goes for the water. Try to carry at least a small bottle of water for work or work and remind yourself to drink.

Also an important factor is winter care. In the summer, if you can get harder shampoos, then in the winter – in no way. Aggressive components, such as sulphates, wash away moisture and useful components in your hair, resulting in dry and entangled. Try to use very soft shampoos, you can even switch to natural care. Also note the tools, such as the mask. You can use homemade, not necessarily purchased. They feed hair with beneficial substances, so the scales are softened and less circulated.

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