What to do with dry and split hair tips?

advice for dry hair

advice for dry hair
advice for dry hair

Dry and split hair is an invincible fortune. Thanks to him, you look rough and untidy. And it is essentially this depressing situation that is capable of firing stronger sex representatives than you.

What does dry hair usually look like?

If you dry dry hair, they are very difficult to touch. It usually breaks down, falls, and lacks natural luster and the required amount of moisture. Even strangers notice how the hair is divided at the ends (split).

Why does my hair leave? The reasons can be:

  • perm;
  • Styling with a hot and powerful hair dryer;
  • painting;
  • Alignment with hair straightener;
  • the comb has sharp teeth at the end;
  • prolonged hair exposure in direct sunlight (when your head is open);
  • the hair is exposed to severe frost or sea wind;
  • the hair is pulled firmly to the tail;
  • Hairstyle does not change for a long time.

Even if you take good care of your hair, if you live in an environmentally disadvantaged area, it will be weak and lifeless. If you are constantly nervous, eat wrong and are far from healthy lifestyles.

Pass the necessary tests and proceed with the treatment recommended by the doctor. Place chicken eggs, various fish species and all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Avoid spicy spices. Forget about alcohol and cigarettes forever. Instead of mayonnaise, add sunflower, poppy, hazelnut or flaxseed oil to the salad.

What to do with cut hair?

Exfoliated hair can be cut with hot scissors only every 1-2 months. Switch on the hair dryer with cold air and ionization. However, curling irons and hair straighteners from hair curlers must refuse. To prevent excessive hair loss, do not comb while hair is still wet or slightly wet. Hairbrush is best purchased from wood. And the less teeth, the better.

To avoid further damage to the split tips, do not use hair sprays, sprays, and hair mousse. Protect them from the sun, wind, rain and cold temperatures. If you dye your hair, then it is an extremely expensive tool, thanks to the hair you will get the necessary nutrition and hydration. If you are a fan of perm, do not think for at least a few months.

You should use medical shampoos, hair conditioners, rinses, infusions and masks for split tips. If everything is done correctly, the hair will be protected. Therefore it is easier to stack. They glow and look luxurious. Take a special hair product that needs to be rubbed on the damaged ends immediately after washing. And forget about cheap, but most effective folk remedies.

However, treatment does not occur in one to two doses. This is a very long and troublesome process. Take care of your hair timely and carefully so that the discrete hair problem never comes back to you.

Beauty and health for you and your hair!

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