What to do when dyed hairs burn?

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new hair dye
new hair dye

Most of the time, modern girls want to be trendy and do their best. Therefore, in the pursuit of beauty, many continue to be disappointed with the outcome. This, unfortunately, applies to dyed hair.

Although dyeing hair is attributed to a gentle treatment, you can ruin it even after that. Of course, the degree of damage depends on the type of painting, the professionalism of the master and the tools used.

Rules for the care of dyed hair;

  • It is always necessary to lighten and dye hair from a professional expert only.
  • The procedure should not be more than four times a year.
  • The comb should only be made of natural materials.
  • Washing your hair should not be frequent. Preferably when contaminated.
  • Cut the ends of the hair. So they won’t look like split ends.
  • Immediately after dyeing, minimize hair contact with curling iron, hair dryer and iron.
  • Don’t save on shampoos. Use regenerative agents.

Hair restoration after dyeing;

  • If the hair is damaged beyond recognition. There is only one option to cut burning hairs. No matter how deployable. But this way. Hair heals faster.
  • Buy a renewable oil containing a vitamin complex from the pharmacy. They help to strengthen the hair. Experts recommend vitamins in ampoules.
  • You can use rescue agents that contain henna. Therefore, hair strengthens.
  • Treatment with masks. This is one of the most effective hair restoration methods. Silicone-based masks are ideal.
  • You can also make a decoction of burdock, burdock and nettles.
  • Also suitable for indian, burdock and olives.
  • A yeast and kefir mask can help.

What to do if curls begin to fall out
Mask Recipe:

  • 200 grams of burdock oil;
  • onion juice.

Keep this mask in your head for at least thirty minutes. Then rinse with water.

This very simple procedure takes hair back from the inside and reduces the hair loss process.

How to prevent further damage to the strands:

  • Under no circumstances should you subject your hair to hair coloring independently. If you decide to take such a step, then you should not save any more here. The blonde should always look amazing.
  • If you still come to your salon with your own product, the choice of paint is entirely on your shoulders. In no case can it be wrong here.
  • The following procedure should not be earlier than two months. Take care of your hair.
  • Immediately after dyeing, additional hair care is required. Masks, decorations, balms, shampoos can be restored. The main care should be.
  • Minimize contact with heating devices. A hairdryer, curling iron, iron and so on. Use as little as possible.

Herbal decoction and rinses for rinsing

  • mint;
  • dead nettle;
  • St John’s wort;
  • flowers of daffodils;
  • daisy flower.

Pour all these components with boiled water and insist thirty minutes. Then after two hours, when the water has cooled, rinsing will be possible.


Most importantly, remember that in the pursuit of beauty, it is much easier to prevent hair damage than to treat and restore it later.

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