Vitamins for hair growth: different vitamin complexes

Vitamins for hair growth 2020-2021

Vitamins for hair growth
Vitamins for hair growth

It’s no secret that vitamins are needed for hair. It is aimed to achieve beauty and strengthening of healthy hair. In this article, we will try to help you choose the best vitamins that support hair growth.

What vitamins allow hair growth?

First of all, you need to pay attention to B vitamins for hair; their list includes folic, pantothenic and nicotinic acids, thiamine, biotin, riboflavin, pyridoxine, and the like. The lack of the above vitamins is a direct cause of hair loss.

The most essential vitamin is B6 or pyridoxine, which promotes hair growth and also prevents dandruff formation. It is vitamin B12 which prevents fragile hairs.

Any hair needs vitamin A, which aims to improve the functioning of the body’s immune system as a whole; Vitamins C and E aim to increase blood circulation to the scalp.

Vitamins for hair growth
Vitamins for hair growth

Vitamin complexes are composed of iron that helps strengthen hair, zinc to prevent hair loss, sulfur to give color, silicon to increase strength, molybdenum to improve growth, and methylsulfonylmethane.

Where can I get vitamins? The application shows that the best place to buy vitamins is the pharmacy or beauty salon.

A balanced diet for hair growth

Most modern people don’t pay enough attention to diet. If you are curious to strengthen your hair and nails with vitamins, do not forget the proper nutrition as most of the vitamins necessary for the body are found in the products.

  1. Group B vitamins include: carrots, legumes and cereals, eggs, nuts, bananas, seeds, avocados, potatoes, liver, cabbage, kidneys, poultry, pork, cheese, fish, milk;
  2. Vitamin E: sunflower seeds, vegetable and flaxseed oil, nuts;
  3. Vitamin C: citrus fruits, pepper, cabbage, rosehip, currants;
  4. Vitamin A: fish, dried apricots, liver, yellow and green vegetables and butter;
  5. Vitamin H: oatmeal, soy, nuts, brewer’s yeast, legumes;
  6. Iron: liver and nuts;
  7. Molybdenum: cocoa, liver and peas;
  8. Silicone: Cereals and root crops (beet and carrot);
  9. Sulfur: fish and garlic;
  10. Zinc: liver, cereals, legumes and shrimp.
Vitamins for hair growth
Vitamins for hair growth

What do you need to grow your hair faster?

To ensure fast hair growth, you need to increase the consumption of foods such as vegetables, olive oil, fruits, nuts, rosehips and honey. In winter you should eat oatmeal, herring and sauerkraut. Drink two liters of water a day. This is a diet that improves the health and strength of hair. See the video below for more information.

Special Vitamin Complexes

There are many special vitamins, whether expensive or cheap, aimed at solving hair problems. Pantovigar is one such drug. It is cost effective and effective to prevent hair loss.

The list of very good vitamin complexes consists of Aevita, Bioton, Laval, Complit, Vitasarma, Perfectil, Vitrum, Lecomax, Revalid, Solgar, Aleran, Beauty, Evonia, Phyto, NSP, Inneov, Vichy, Iherb and Priorin.

Vitamins for hair growth
Vitamins for hair growth

Merz and Merz Beauty

Merz aims to simplify the repair of damaged hair by vitamins used for hair, nails and skin. The base sulfur amino acids are vitamins C, E and A. Merz beauty complex consists of B vitamins, zinc, biotin and folic acid. With the use of Merz pills and pantovigar increases metabolism and hair growth. Most reviews about this drug are only positive.

alerce until

In terms of price and quality, Alerana is considered a good vitamin for the hair and nails, which are composed of the necessary elements and are distinguished by appropriate activity.


In various forums, although very expensive, inneov received high scores.


Phyto costs are high, but this is offset by a composition containing antioxidants and fatty acids that provide a solution to the problem of hair loss.


Aevit vitamins are quite inexpensive, but very safe and effective. They form a large dose of vitamins A and E and have an effective effect in combination with nourishing hair masks.

Hair Expert by Evalar

Most girls and women, “Expert Hair” manufacturer of vitamins called Evalar’dan use. It consists of zinc, cystine, taurine, ponytail and brewer’s yeast. In several forums, you can find the expression “miracle capsule” when describing Evalar vitamins. Also, after the use of this drug, there is hair density and brightness.

Vitamins for hair growth
Vitamins for hair growth

DoppelGerts (Doppelherz)

Vitamins from Dopel Herz, which contain copper, zinc, vitamins C and B and biotin, are also very good. Thanks to the plant and mineral components in its composition, the scalp and hair of the head are fed, metabolism is increased and so on. Cost Dopel Hertz is not so high. You can find all kinds of examinations about the presence of DoppelHerz, but it shows the quality of most drugs.


I would like to say a few words about Vitasharma, vitamins of group A and B, aimed at improving blood supply and protecting hair and nails.

BAA Sofia

To solve the above problems, you can use Sofia, a dietary supplement consisting of nutrients and herbal supplements that only have a positive effect on hair and nails.

Vitamins for hair growth
Vitamins for hair growth

Lady’s formula

Recently, the biological formula Lady’s formula containing vitamin-mineral complexes and plant extracts has been very popular. During the creation, all the needs of the woman’s body are considered. One of the most popular lines from this manufacturer is the Ladis vitamin formula used for hair, nails and skin. This formula is developed and strengthens your hair.

Dietary supplement Solgar

Solgar supplementation with zinc, vitamin C and copper. Thanks to Solgar tablets used for skin, nails and hair, the hair is kept in perfect condition, but this medicine is very useful.

Vitrum Beauty

Many women use the Vitrum Beauty complex, which regenerates skin cells, prevents shedding, promotes the growth of nails and hair, and normalizes metabolism through vitamins, minerals, amino acids and horsetail extracts.

Vitamins for hair growth
Vitamins for hair growth

Brightness fits

Some girls like the hair complex Complivit Radiance because it consists of antioxidants (green tea and lipoic acid).

Perfectil Plus

Perfectil Plus complex contains tablets for hair, nails and skin, as well as coenzyme Q10, lycopene, polyunsaturated fatty acids and Omega-3 capsules. These substances, skin cells, hair and nails provide renewal.


If you still don’t know which vitamins to consume, many forums have positive comments about the Revalid complex. Start using it.

Vitamin hair masks

A very popular tool for hair care is masks for nourishing, shining and smoothing hair. As a rule, pharmacy products are supplemented with vitamins in ampoules or vitamins with tablets for hair. See the video for more details.

Adding vitamins to the hair mask

Good auxiliaries are liquid vitamins (eg vitamin E for hair) that can be purchased at a pharmacy in ampoules. They’re not expensive.

How to use hair vitamins in the form of ampoules?

It can be added to hair masks applied to the roots. B group vitamins in the form of ampoules are mixed with balsam or shampoo. Vitamins are measured in drops. This treatment ensures an excellent result. Below are recipes for masks designed to strengthen hair.

Burdock Recipe

Colorless henna (4 tablespoons) is poured with boiling water for a quarter of an hour. Then burdock oil is boiled (4 tablespoons). Everything is mixed and vitamins E and A are added (2 tablespoons each). Apply to wet hair and wrap in a plastic bag for several hours. The mask is washed without shampoo.

Vitamins for hair growth
Vitamins for hair growth

Aloe, Honey and Lemon Recipe

1 teaspoon of vitamin B2, 1 teaspoon of aloe juice, 1 teaspoon of honey and a mince of lemon mixed with garlic cloves. The application should be done on wet hair, then wrapped in polyethylene and waited for half an hour and then everything should be washed. To get rid of the smell of garlic, rinse your hair with mustard.


Vitamin complexes for hair are available in a number of cheap and expensive household and conventional importers or with the addition of exotic additives. We hope this article has helped determine the choice of vitamins for your hair. Dear ladies, let your hair be fertile and healthy!

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