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healthy hairstyles
healthy hairstyles

One of the most popular hair care products today is air conditioner. Properly selected, this tool helps to improve the condition of the hair after the first application. Very often a bottle with shampoo is released, supposedly one of two. However, professionals recommend that you use these funds separately and preferably in a row. Only then do they act as efficiently as possible to complement each other.

Hair conditioner usually contains essential oils (people have long been using them for hair care, so their effectiveness has been proven for centuries), silicones, proteins, as well as medicinal plants and other ingredients that facilitate hair re-combing and combing.

There are different types of air conditioning. Among the main ones, it is worth emphasizing:

for dyed hair (help keep hair shade longer, don’t soften and sleepy)

adds volume (usually the hair itself does not get the volume you see in ads, such products become smooth and shiny, soften the scales of hair, as a result there is visual illusion – the hairstyle really looks more voluminous).

therapeutic (their task is to restore weak hair, improve their structure).

Typically, an air conditioner requires rinsing a few minutes after application, but there are express agents that need credit for ease of use since they do not need to be rinsed. The effect can be seen a few minutes after application. Hair, healthy and well-groomed appearance, pleasing to the eye, gains shine and elasticity.

When choosing a rinse, it is important to consider the type of hair. If your threads are oily in the roots, rinse the scalp, apply only gently starting from the middle of the hair.

Defining a conditioner with a rinse conditioner is an error. The main task of balm is to prevent hair loss. The functions of the conditioner are much broader: make it easier to comb and styling, moisturize the hair, make it soft and docile, soothe dandruff, reduce brittleness and cross section of the tips, and so on.

You can prepare a good rinse at home. In such cases, eggs, honey or apple cider vinegar are the best ingredients. The hair will become soft and shiny after rinsing with the decoration of medicinal plants with apple cider vinegar. You can also try this application for medium length hair types where you can get great results especially for long hairstyles.

When buying hair cosmetics, it is better not to try, but to choose the line offered by professionals.

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