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  • long hair 2020

    Why do hair get tangled in winter and what to do about it?

    Holders of long (especially curly) hair often face the problem of hair loss. Some girls are unlikely to be pleased. But the cause of this problem and how will it deal with it? Reasons: Dry and dried hair. Most of the time, it is dry hair at the confused end. In this case, you need […] More

  • Easy and quick hairstyles 2019-2020

    Women don’t want to spend time on their hair

    Today’s living conditions push us to be faster in every field. At the same time, we may have to compromise the time we devote to ourselves while trying to do countless things. We also talked with famous hair stylists and asked women about their choice of hair. When I analyzed it, the stylists said that […] More

  • Types of Fashion Styles for Haircuts 2019-2020

    20 Types of Fashion Styles for Haircuts 2019-2020

    Fashion styles must be taken into account when choosing hair styles. Long hair styles are more preferred, but short haircuts and fashion styles are also preferred. Research shows that all fashion stylists pay attention to be in harmony with hairstyles. 2020 hairstyles and fashion trends when we search for the most beautiful hairstyles combination listed […] More

  • Long hairstyles & colors for older women over 60 for 2020

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    Long hairstyles & colors for older women over 60 for 2020

    While collecting long hairstyles and colors for older women over 60, we paid attention to compiling the freshest ideas and visuals that will be trendy in 2020 and match the face type. Autumn and winter 2020 is approaching and old women are beginning to try long hair styles and new colors for her hair. Long […] More

  • braided long hairstyles for school 2019 - 2020

    Popular braided long hairstyles for school 2019 – 2020

    The same question every morning, “Today is my long hair, which braid hair style can I do?” You woke up to go to school and you’re looking for a model for your hair. You don’t have much time. Then you’ll look for braided school hair styles that are both quick and easy. We continue to […] More

  • Wedding hairstyles for summer 2019-2020

    New Wedding hairstyles 2020 – The most beautiful hairstyle ideas for the bridal

    Beautiful wedding hairstyles of 2020: luxury ideas with photos Naturally, it is necessary to remember about fashion trends, because the bride should not only be beautiful, but also look fashionable and stylish. Especially for our fashionistas, who tie themselves to the knot of marriage in 2020, we have selected the most trendy wedding hairstyles to […] More

  • braids ponytail hairstyles 2020

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    30 Trendy Hairstyles for Spring-summer 2020: Pixie + Bob + Ponytail etc.

    We tried to compile the freshest hairstyle ideas for spring-summer 2020. Every hair style has a time. Hair styles change as time changes. Longest hair from the shortest hairstyle. We have different designs in every color and model. Every model related to Spring-summer hairstyles 2020 is worth trying, but here we have compiled more cool […] More