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  • long hair 2020

    Why do hair get tangled in winter and what to do about it?

    Holders of long (especially curly) hair often face the problem of hair loss. Some girls are unlikely to be pleased. But the cause of this problem and how will it deal with it? Reasons: Dry and dried hair. Most of the time, it is dry hair at the confused end. In this case, you need […] More

  • hair growth at home

    8 tips to accelerate hair growth at home

    Your wife wouldn’t want to have long, shiny, healthy hair that would decorate and honor her. Unfortunately, most girls and women cannot have smart hair, but if you take the 7 steps described in this article, you can significantly improve the appearance of your hair and even accelerate their growth. 1- Nutrition An important element […] More

  • Dry scalp

    Dry scalp

    One of the most common problems of modern women is dandruff. With its appearance, the majority goes to the supermarket for a fashionable brand dandruff shampoo, or at best to a pharmacy for medical shampoos. However, this is a huge mistake. You should first determine the cause of dandruff. Medical shampoos will help you get […] More