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  • hair care for women 2020-2021

    Keratin hair straightening: advantages and features

    Hair is the calling card of every girl. The look that can tell everything about the girl. Everyone wants to have long, beautiful and most importantly healthy hair. Therefore, everyone is looking for different ways to give the hair a nice look and at the same time not to harm them. Features of the Process […] More

  • hair growth

    Folk remedies to accelerate hair growth

    Beautiful and long hair is the dream of all women. However, not all hair grows at normal speeds – from one and a half centimeters to two in a month. Occasionally, hair growth is significantly reduced due to various negative factors, such as an unbalanced diet with nutrient and mineral deficiencies necessary for normal hair […] More

  • Blonde hair care in summer 2019-2020

    How to care for blonde hair in summer 2019-2020?

    Blonde hair requires more care and time than others. Even though it is common for all of us to protect our hair in the summer months, this situation requires a special care for those who have yellow hair colors. So, how should you care for blonde hair in the summer? Feed with hair care conditioner […] More

  • Natural Hair Care Cures

    7 Natural Hair Care Cures You Can Do At Home!

    The seasons are changing, our clothes, shoes, skin creams and even the colors we use adapt to this change. Almost everyone is doing daily skin care; but one thing we forgot, our hair is as much affected by the weather as our skin! Your hair needs restructuring like your skin. Already, dye, tongs, blow dryer, […] More

  • Hair-care-2020

    Hair care treatments for broken and dull hair

    Who doesn’t want to be long, silky and shiny? We all envy people who were born with natural shiny hair and even envy them. As we are not born with the lucky genes, we do more chemical damage to the hair and make it dull and shed. Here are 5 recipes for hair care masks […] More

  • how to make hair care 2020

    How to make hair and skin care in summer 2019-2020?

    Hair Care and Beauty Experts, in the summer sun, sea salt and chemicals caused by the pools to repair the damage proposed to use sesame and argan oil. Experts dealing with Hair Care and Beauty Services advised the use of sesame and argan oil to relieve wear, transferring that sun, sand and sea lead to […] More