Short hairstyles will be everyone’s favorite this summer 2020 …

Short hairstyles for women summer 2020

Short hairstyles 2020
Short hairstyles 2020

Cosmetics giant Schwarzkopf Professional, inspired by the world-renowned hair design team from the catwalks of Paris, Milan, London and New York, Essential Looks, which sets the hair trends of the season and the future, draws attention as usual.

This year’s short hairstyles are gorgeous…

Essential Looks 2019-2020 Spring – Summer Collection makes a difference with the new interpretation it brings to hair. Successful Hairdressers say that the collection includes gorgeous short hair styles inspired by catwalks. Essential Looks has different and unique models that appeal to everyone this year. Luxe Vibe for retro lovers, Self Made Youth for uncompromising originality and Feminine Active for those who want to be both stylish and comfortable … So we have a wide collection that we can offer to all customers and styles. speaks in the form of.

The 80s are coming back…

The surprise of this season is the 80s… It seems that the style of those unforgettable years is coming back with Essential Looks. Hair stylists, 80s with Luxe Vibe trend will live again. Voluminous hair, makeup, stunning accessories and oversize outfits are back in our lives. This trend will be indispensable for those who love voluminous short hair, wear remarkable accessories and miss the past. Splendid short hairstyles, large plaids and neon details will dominate both the catwalk and street fashion. ”

New trends appeal to everyone…

According to hair stylists, 3 different trends in Essential Looks collection are full of eye-catching looks that can be used comfortably and reflect their personalities. Interest in yellow tones will continue as in the past years. However, this year, unlike the previous years, more ambitious short pixie haircuts, prominent voluminous hair and different colorings on the ends of the hair will say hello to summer.

Self Made Youth for those who want to be original…

Stylists recommend the Made Self Made Youth ”trend to those who do not confine themselves to their clothes and hair, but always want something better. This trend is full of clear and sharp looks. From haircut to hair color, all ambitious! Those who consider themselves as brands, those who do not follow anyone, those who are original and do not care about anyone’s taste will love this train.

Short hairstyles 2020
Short hairstyles 2020
Short hairstyles 2020

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