34 Fantastic Short bob hairstyle and Pixie haircut compilation for 2019

Short bob hairstyle and Pixie haircut 2019-2020

Silver gray hair color 2019
Wavy shoulder length hairstyle & Silver gray hair color 2019
Blonde hair color short bob 2019
Blonde hair color short bob style & Brown hair color 2019 for short hair

Among the hair styles, the most maintenance-free models are pixie short haircuts and bob hair styles. Shoulder length hairstyles and care for over 50 hair types become a little more difficult. The excess of the fat produced in the scalp is probably bad for your hair, but the scalp and hair strands need this oil. If you remove this oil completely, you will have very quickly broken, dry and dull hair. If you wash with very hot water, this oil in the scalp is completely eliminated. Maybe it will not hurt to wash with hot water every 15 days but if you shampoo your hair with hot water 2-3 times a week, your hair will dry out after a while. The advantage of hot water washing with cold water is that it increases the blood circulation in the scalp and gives vitality. As the amount of blood in the scalp increases, the amount of oxygen to the cells in the hair follicle increases. The more oxygen you have, the better your health.

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Silver gray hair color 2019

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