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33 Best Short Bob Haircuts (2020 Update)

Short Bob Haircuts 2018-2019

Short Bob Haircuts 2018
Bob Hair Ideas for Short Hair in 2020                                                        Source
Short Bob Haircuts 2018
Brown Hair Color 2020 – 2021 Bob Hairstyles with Bangs                              Source

What are trends short bob haircuts for 2020 – 2021?

A short bob haircuts with a bang almost opens its ears. Also, it is characterized by a short-cut neck and a peculiar “leg”, which emphasizes the neck line. With the help of a dense bang, you can balance a high forehead or remove attention from a large nose. But the accent is shifted to the lower part of the face, so this haircut should be chosen by the ladies with a beautiful shape of cheekbones and chin. The advantage of Bob with bangs is that it looks good on curly or not very thick hair. Fashionable short haircuts in the style of Bob do not require clear lines, and light negligence in the styling will only add an extra charm.

A short bean without a bang is suitable for women with irregular facial features. The strands stretched out by a round brush along a face pull out a silhouette, therefore the haircut will approach chubby ladies. If you make the volume at the temples, for example, creating a light wave, you can correct the triangular shape of the face, removing attention from the contrast between the narrow chin and wide cheekbones.

2018 Short Bob Hairstyles
Captivating 2018 Short Bob Cut for Blonde Hair                               Source
2018 Short Bob Hairstyles
Center Part Short Hair Cut 2018-2019                                    Source
Short Bob Haircuts
Best Short Bob Haircuts for Women 2018-2019                                  Source
2018 Short Bob Hairstyles
Charming Bob Haircut 2018 Short Hairstyles                                    Source
2018 Short Bob Hairstyles
Chic Short Bob Hairstyles for Wavy Hair 2018                                   Source

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