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16 Top Pixie Haircuts for Girls (2020 Update)

Pixie Haircuts for Girls

2020 Pixie haircuts for Girls: photos, ideas and fashion trends

Pixie haircuts for girls a combination of a slightly modified Bob hair with slightly carelessly decorated tips of hair in the form of “feathers.” For them, unlike garzona, characterized by a different length, which varies significantly. This effect gives piquancy and external gloss appearance. He helps to create the image of a business lady, a gentle fairy or a socialite and make an emphasis on individuality.

History of pixie haircuts for girls – from the beginning to the present day

In the distant 1953, the movie “Roman holidays” with the participation of the unrivaled Audrey Hepburn was released. The actress won the hearts of the audience not only with her own game, but also with an unusual transformation right before our eyes. The plot line of the film was built in such a way that, while seeking independence and freedom in life, the main character shortens her curls.

Already the next day after the premiere, crowds of people wishing to say goodbye to their curls were seen at the hairdressing salons. Especially a lot of them were young girls who want to express protest in this way to society. Since that time, the fashion for cutting the hair in this format has periodically returned.

2017-2018 Pixie Hair Style
2020 – 2021 Pixie Haircuts for Girls                                                     Source
Pixie Haicuts for Girls
Attractive 2020 – 2021 Short Haircuts for Young Women                               Source
Pixie Haicuts for Girls
Best Blonde Hair Pixie Hairstyles for Girls 2020 – 2021                       Source
Pixie Haicuts for Girls
Blonde Hair Short Pixie Haicuts for Girls 2020 – 2021                             Source

In the 60s, Twiggy returned the haircut, or rather, this unusual haircut helped her conquer the fashion world and become one of the most popular and sought-after models.

In 2015, it reached its climax in large part thanks to the stars of Hollywood. In the ranks of “hooligans” were noticed Anne Hathaway, Natalie Portman, Victoria Beckham, Emma Watson, Holly Bury, Jennifer Lawrence and others, no less famous actresses.

In 2016, the pixie haircut remains as before fashionable and popular, it only acquires new outlines and features that allow the haircut to play different facets.

 Pixie Haircuts for Girls
Blue Hair Colors Short Pixie Haircuts for Girls 2020 – 2021                        Source

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