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Men’s haircuts 2021-2022: fashion trends, photos

Hairstyles for men 2019-2020

This haircut can have an individual top shape corresponding to the type of appearance of a man. But these additions should not be too bright. Trimming temples should also be neatly, without fanaticism, exposing the skin.

Fashionable men’s haircut “Boxing” 2019-2020.

Photo Boxing is one of the most popular men’s haircuts for the current year. It is more attributed to the youth style, but it can be recommended for older men who want to look younger. This is allowed and even appreciated. For all representatives of the strong half of humanity, designers have decent blanks. For use of boxing in the image has its limitations: the hairstyle visually rounds the face and is not very suitable for full men; emphasize thinness; suitable mainly for owners of an oval face.

Boxing is another way to choose a trendy classic hairstyle with personal options. It is perfect if you have thin hair of medium thickness. Stylists do not recommend Boxing to owners of rare hair.

Fashionable men’s haircut “Military” 2019-2020.

Photo Military is a fashionable style in the image and clothing. We recommend to choose a similar hairstyle, if you are inherent determination, the ability to solve problems, if you do not accept female softness. Military is a variation of traditional boxing. Initially, this form was formed under the influence of requirements for the military. In general, this image is more convenient for physical activity, while creating a pleasant courageous image of its owner during any social events.

neat shape; characteristic elements of traditional hairstyles; there can be individual solutions for clipping the crown: with a longer bang, with elements of asymmetry and complex shape. The military model of the 2019-2020 year is a discreet sporty style, ideal for the military. Unless you yourself do not belong to the elite units, which allowed everything.

Fashionable men’s haircut “Playground” 2019-2020.

The current year is rich in new men’s hairstyles. Fashion trend touched and popular among men hairstyles Playground. It can be seen in many athletic folded members of the strong half of humanity. If you consider yourself to them, pay attention to the features of this image: this year the hairstyle of the Playground has become more accurate. You need to cut it, giving importance to the holistic image of a man; This image is recommended for business style; a haircut can be complemented by fashionable elements, neatly shaved at the back of the head.

Fashionable men’s haircut “Under the fritz” 2019-2020.

Fashion trends The new year is very versatile and shows different trends in men’s hairstyles. One can even say that the trends are multidirectional. Common in them is attention to the style of hair, almost more than is typical for women’s haircuts. To fashion trend can be attributed under the hair Fritz. It contrasts with manly haircuts, which can be seen on numerous photos of inflated men. Under Fritz, representatives of the strong half, who have an elegant and beautiful appearance, can have a haircut.

Features model haircut Under the fritz: parting; bangs combed to the side; neat styling; moderately shaved temples and neck. This image will suit lovers of Italian style. And in this case, the elegance in the square levels for many unwanted associations with the Third Reich.

Fashionable men’s haircut “Princeton” 2019-2020.

Fashion trends It is difficult to say where this hairstyle came from, but she was very fond of Hollywood stars. It can not be called classic, military or too courageous. Princeton also exhibits a slight mess, often performed personally, with some differences from the basic style. Great for a casual look.

Features: trim the hairstyle with a slight carelessness; the upper part is a small, poorly guessed triangular crest; Princeton perfectly complements the 10-day beard. This type of haircut can be attributed to the trend, as many photos of famous people say confidently, but this is a classic youth image with well-emphasized negligence.

Fashionable men’s haircut “Caesar” 2019-2020.

Fashion trends Fashion trends are expressed differently in men’s hairdresser fashion. Not only the modern, but also the imperial period will be affected. An interesting decision of designers is the Pompadour hairstyle in honor of the famous Madame de Pompadour. Not paid attention to Julius Caesar. Of our contemporaries, this image was chosen by the singer Timati. Caesar’s hairstyle features: perfectly round bangs neatly trimmed with a typewriter; strictly maintained corners on almost completely shaved temples; looks good with a beard.

Sports men’s haircut 2019-2020

Fashion trends Trend on sports cars, of course, created a fashion for sports hairstyles. This trend can be called a trend and fashion for sportiness than in a concrete way. However, hairdressers have characteristic features that can be clearly seen on the photo of models: short haircut with a typewriter; temples can be shaved with varying degrees of smoothness and bareness; extravagant elements are allowed – elongated bangs, cut lines or zigzags.

Fashionable men’s haircut “Poluboks” 2019-2020

One unique quality is characteristic for the Polubox, the haircut can be performed with varying degrees of glamor. The style of performance can be chosen depending on the image needs of the man: shaved temples are characteristic; the top of the hairstyle means hair of considerable length most often performed stylish crest on the head; Holders of longer hair at the crown can make stylish glamorous styling.

Classic men’s haircut 2019-2020 year

Photo Modern trends in men’s fashion on hair were expressed in the fact that you need to have a model haircut. It is not enough to cut hair gently, it is important to do this, forming a stylish shape. The classic form has characteristic features for 2019-2020: more thoughtful lines that literally flow into each other; accurately verified corners; slight negligence is allowed if it is verified and submits to the general idea.

Fashionable men’s haircut “Canadian” 2019-2020 year

A photo of the Canadian version of the classic hairstyle, with a characteristically raised top. The hairs on the crown usually do not exceed a length of 3-3.5 cm, due to which they form a beautiful standing shape. This year, Canadian has become more extravagant and even a little rough: shaved or cut-off temples are in fashion; The top of the head should be trimmed neatly, tracking the shape; practiced styling on men’s hair.

British style haircut for men 2019-2020

British is one more version of the national hairstyle. In 2019–2020, some differences appeared that made the conservative execution more dynamic: a more pronounced shape of a vertical rectangle; long bangs, combing back; not shaved or lightly shaved temples.

Fashionable men’s haircut “Bob” 2019-2020

Bob – this is a square with a raised head, it can be found among men. Male Bob is performed somewhat differently. It is characterized by a lush top, long enough hair at the crown.

The iprichesky bob of 2019–2020 has the following characteristics: strictly even execution or emphasized negligence; the length of the lower hair is selected individually; Asymmetry can be seen on many photo models. Choose the features of Bob to your taste. It is with this hairstyle, you can create an individual style.

Fashionable men’s haircut “Undercut” 2019-2020

Years of undercut are considered by some stylists to be the Canadian version, therefore these haircuts have a common execution, but with distinctive differences: A higher top is characteristic of an underkat; they cut the whiskey backwards, the crown upwards with the movement of the machine. This image is a well-built men.

Romantic male haircut 2019-2020

Years Romantic hairstyle in the years 2019-2020 is a combination of carelessness and extravagance. For example: long bangs allowed; hair styled with creative carelessness. Romance this season is synonymous with freedom.

Fashionable men’s haircut “Grunge” 2019-2020

Youth Male Grunge is a choice for men who combine elegance with brutality. This hairstyle is very popular in Italy and Spain. Features: long bangs; neatly clipped temples with sufficiently long hair; It is allowed to lay the bangs by curling. Grunge is perfect for curly hair.

Fashionable men’s haircut 2019-2020

Shaved temples are the main trend of 2019-2020, but this hairstyle has its own individual features: when you shave your temples, you need to track beautiful angles; shaven temples are often complemented by a trimmed nape; allowed various drawings made with the help of a typewriter. Hairstyles are perfect for the summer. Especially for men engaged in physical labor.

Stylish men’s haircut “Elvis” 2019-2020

Elvis is a variant of the pompadour hairstyle. It implies a high, laid bangs. Form may vary. This hairstyle fits: young men; supporting fashionable clothes; owners of beautiful hair that have time for styling. Despite the feminine traits, a man in the style of Elvis looks stylish and courageous.

Stylish men’s haircut “Voyage” 2019-2020

Voyage is a hairstyle with shaved temples and a beautifully clipped head. It can be called a classic: in 2019-2020, the Voyage became more rude; during the haircut work better whiskey; Be sure to use styling products.

Stylish men’s haircut “Hedgehog” 2019-2020

Hedgehog is, as they say, a classic of the genre. This hairstyle has many synonyms, it can be compared with Princeton’s haircut, Playground, Military or Caesar. But it is precisely the hedgehog that is peculiar to simplicity. In 2019-2020, make your haircut more stylish: give shape to the top – a triangle, a square, an oval; cut the whiskey. Hedgehog is ideal for physically working men at any time of the year.

Stylish men’s haircut “Bobrik” 2019-2020

Beaver in the photo of stars in the years 2019-2020 has become: more stylish; neat; restrained and more like a pad. Do not forget to shave whiskey well.

Stylish men’s haircut “Sagittarius” 2019-2020

This year, the Sagittarius with magnificent top has become: laid-back; stylish; asymmetrical. The perfect hairstyle for men with soft hair.

Stylish men’s haircut machine 2019-2020

Haircut machine should take into account the following features: in the fashion shaven whiskey; maintain the correct angles; Try to create a neat shape. In general, the fashion trend includes a range of simple stylish hairstyles.

Creative men’s haircut “Cap” 2019-2020

Creative work in the years 2019-2020 is the main trend, so choose one of the key features: long bangs; cut whiskey; styling; sloppy forms.

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