Keratin hair straightening: advantages and features

hair care for women 2020-2021

hair care for women 2020-2021
hair care for women 2020-2021

Hair is the calling card of every girl. The look that can tell everything about the girl. Everyone wants to have long, beautiful and most importantly healthy hair. Therefore, everyone is looking for different ways to give the hair a nice look and at the same time not to harm them.

Features of the Process

Keratin is a special process that has such a name because of the main element – keratin – straightening and also hair treatment. Initially, the hair is washed and prepared to apply a special liquid in which the keratin is the main ingredient. This material affects the hair as follows: restoration of the structure, cracks, scales and damage to the hair are filled. After this, you can see the effect of shiny, straight hair that is not magnetized and does not look like a feather. You may also notice that hair becomes more obedient and polite.

Global Keratin – incredibly effective hair products

Anyone who does not have naughty curly hair, cannot be combed or not combed, should try to fix with keratin. For those who cannot immediately decide on such a procedure, you can try the professional GKhair / Global Keratin tools to help you deal with naughty hair at the beginning. They do not contain dangerous formaldehyde, but they have natural collagen as well as keratin. Thanks to these ingredients, hair is not only straightened but also healthy, shiny and strikingly beautiful.

It is important to note that keratin hair straightening has its own characteristics. Not available in the following cases:

  • during pregnancy,
  • If there is a child who is breastfed,
  • the presence of oncology,
  • serious hair loss,
  • weakened hair
  • damaged scalp,
  • the presence of allergies.

Benefits of keratin straightening

The keratin hair straightening procedure has several advantages.

It is important to note that after this straightening process, the hair becomes more obedient and smooth. They scan easily and without difficulty and do not interfere.

During this process, the cutting tips are removed and the hair itself becomes much thicker and stronger.

If the hair is dyed, the keratin straightening helps to maintain the desired color of the hair for much longer and to protect it from burning and dullness.

A very important point to note is that after saturation with keratin, hair does not become electrified and this problem affects many girls in winter.

Another very important advantage is that this procedure is sufficient for a long time, for half a year the hair remains the same on the first day after the procedure.

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