How to protect your hair during the summer holidays: 10 tips

How to protect your hair

How to protect your hair
How to protect your hair

In the summer, your hair requires more care than usual. Relaxation is always enjoyable, but you should pay attention not only to the skin and the beautiful tan, but also to rest. If you don’t want to have problems with hair loss, protecting your hair during rest is a very important precaution. The simple and effective protection methods described in this article do not require specific medical procedures, but they can still provide a healthy look to the hair.

10 rules to help protect your hair from the dangers of summer:

1- Always wear a hat. A panama hat, hat or shawl greatly protects the hair from the harmful effects of UV rays. Under the influence of light the hair loses its color and high temperature can damage the hair follicles. Remember, the brighter the hair, the more you are exposed to the harmful effects of the sun, the natural pigment cannot protect them from damage.

2- Use protective cosmetics with UV filters. If you have been in fresh air for a long time, its use is particularly important. For example, a moisturizing aerosol may be used with active amber extracts. You should use these protective hair products at the beach. Also, you should use these funds as often as sunscreen.

3- Always protect your hair from chlorine and salt. Before diving into the sea or a chlorinated pool, you should always use hair protection products that protect your hair from the harmful effects of salt and chlorine. The active substances in these preparations count each hair and weaken the structure of chlorine and salt and prevent it from affecting pigmentation.

4- After returning from the sea or pool, you should rinse your hair thoroughly in the shower. Flowing water will remove salt and chlorine from them. If it is not possible to shower immediately, you can rinse your hair with just one bottle of water.

5- Do not comb wet hair. If wet hair gets tangled, you don’t have to try to comb them, so that the roots will tear. Now there are enough special tools in the form of aerosols or sprays to facilitate this process. Apply them liberally to your hair and then comb with a rare tooth.

6- After returning to the beach, clean your hair with a soft brush before washing. A natural bristle brush is best suited for this – it does not harm the hair and cleans the oils and sunscreens that may be on them, as well as sands and salt crystals. Start combing the hairs on the neck, tilt forward and direct the brush from the roots to the ends of the hairs. Then lift your head and move the brush backwards and downwards from the forehead.

7- Use a soft, moisturizing shampoo to wash your hair. Wash your hair when you feel your hair needs to be moisturized. On hot days, hair can be washed daily. Since these days, the skin sebaceous glands work more intensely, which leads to quick salting of the hair.

8- It is better to use a nourishing substance in the form of spray after washing instead of hair nourishment on hot days. Their composition is similar to conventional nutritional products, but consistency is much lighter and does not require rinsing.

9- Use a mask for hair regeneration. At least twice a week, a regenerating mask should be applied to the hair, which will maintain their flexibility and flexibility.

10- Try to use less cosmetics to shape your hair on hot days, they are very heavy and they damage the brittle and brittle hair. If you still can’t do without such funds, try using your cosmetics with UV filters (they should be, at least one benefit). On hot days, try not to use hair dryers and hair straighteners, it is better to let your hair dry by itself.

If you follow these protection rules, you do not need to collect your hair after going on vacation for a long and painful period.

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