How to make hair and skin care in summer 2019-2020?

How to make hair and skin care?

Hair Care and Beauty Experts, in the summer sun, sea salt and chemicals caused by the pools to repair the damage proposed to use sesame and argan oil.

how to make hair care 2020
how to make hair and skin care in summer 2019-2020

Experts dealing with Hair Care and Beauty Services advised the use of sesame and argan oil to relieve wear, transferring that sun, sand and sea lead to damage to the skin and hair when on holiday in summer.

Stylists who advise for worn-out hair on holiday, hair affected by the elements of summer wear can be restored by simple and herbal treatments. You can massage the hair with sesame oil or argan oil, which can be found in pharmacies or herbal products, and then cover the hair with warm towel or cap for an hour. Then you will notice how the hair comes to life by washing it with a shampoo suitable for the type of hair.

Excess sun damage

Experts that the sun’s rays can cause problems such as dandruff and eczema on the strands of hair, sea water, which is good for problems such as dandruff and eczema on the hair with dense minerals it contains, leads to lifelessness, dulling and drying of the hair. To protect our hair from these harmful effects of the sun and the sea, it is necessary to pay attention to the hair care recommendations. The sun’s rays are more damaging. Excessive sun exposure can damage the skin as well as the hair. The hair dries, becomes dull and unable to take shape. To avoid this situation, care should be taken not to go out during the busy sun hours, he said.

Rinse your hair with tap water

Experts who recommend washing the hair with tap water before entering the sea and pool, rinsing the hair with tap water before entering the sea to protect against the harmful effects of chlorine and salt water of the sea and the pool, will provide maximum benefit in protecting your hair as it reduces the absorption of sea salt by the hair. It should be remembered that the ladies with long hair style take a shower after getting out of the water, he said.

Ways to protect the skin from the sun

Hair stylists and experts noted that the skin and skin are thickened by 2 to 4 times with the effect of sun rays, and when exposed to the sun for a long time, sun rays can lead to deposition of melanin pigment, causing skin staining and freckle. All these effects cause premature aging of the skin. Skin and eyes should be protected during sun exposure with sunscreen creams, clothing, glasses and hats. In addition, during the summer months from 11.00 to 16.00 should be careful not to be exposed to direct sunlight, he said.

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