How to hair care for babies 2019-2020?

How to hair care for babies?

How to hair care for babies
How to hair care for babies

Like babies, their hair is soft and sensitive. Taking hair care of your baby’s hair is part of her daily cleaning. So, how should babies hair care?

Although babies’ hair is very delicate and brittle, hair care should not be too complicated. When washing your baby’s hair, you should use a shampoo and then dry. This is ideal for the hair to grow slowly.

Taking care of your baby’s hair is part of her daily cleaning. Your baby may be born with multiple hair or sparse hair. In both cases, your baby’s hair requires gentle care. So, how should babies care hair?

Use soft products

Hair and scalp care should also be added to the baby’s bathing routine from the moment of birth. You can wash your baby every two or three days. To avoid allergies, rash or itching, you should avoid products sold in cosmetics stores because they contain harmful chemicals such as parabens, cleansing agents and synthetic odors that can irritate the baby’s skin. Even products designed for babies can be harmful. Instead of these products, you can use high quality organic mold soaps or liquid castile soaps.

Treat if scalp is crusted, oily and scaly

If there is a condition that causes crusted, oily and scaly spots on the baby’s scalp, it does not cause pain or itching, but causes white or yellow thick apples that are not easy to disappear. To treat this condition, you should wash your baby’s scalp daily with a neutral shampoo that does not contain chemicals. This will help the wounds disappear. After the shower, gently comb the hair with a soft brush. When wounds begin to fall out, sometimes hair may also fall out. To prevent this, you can massage the scalp with almonds or olive oil.

Gently comb and dry thoroughly

It is very important to solve the entanglement in the baby’s hair. Therefore, you should dry your hair immediately, especially if your baby is asleep immediately after bathing. You can use natural oils to make hair easier to open.

Do not use buckles or tires

Many mothers dream of a time when their daughter can put beautiful hairpins in her hair. However, if you want to attach a hairclip to your baby’s hair, you should expect the hair and scalp to strengthen. Do not collect your baby’s hair during this time, especially when the hair is wet. Also, you should not wear a hat to your baby before the hair is completely dry. Babies’ hair is usually very thin hair and accessories can damage their hair. Hair bands can also cause hair breakage.

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