How to choose a right hairstyle?

How to choose a right hairstyle?

How to choose a right hairstyle
How to choose a right hairstyle

Choosing the right hairstyle is not easy. After all, it is often the hairstyle that makes the whole image irresistible or, conversely, unsuccessful. What needs to be considered when choosing a hairstyle and how to make this choice really successful?

The choice of hairstyles according to the situation

Different places and situations require choosing different hairstyles. If you are the owner of long hair and go to work in the office, it will be more appropriate to collect the hair in a tail or bun. A shell will also look good. The main thing is that the hair does not interfere with the work, and the image is created rather strict and working.

But for recreation, you can choose a more playful option, for example, to dissolve hair and turn them into seductive curls. Or pin a piece of hair on the sides, giving the face an expression of naive innocence. A proven passionate flower on one side is also suitable, with the second side of the hair remaining free.

Owners of short haircuts are somewhat constrained in the choice, but they also have the opportunity to experiment with styling. You can make an ideal styling from work with precisely tuned curls, and come to a date with a “creative mess”, which, however, will take no less time than a classic styling.

The choice of hairstyle depending on the shape

This is best done by stylists, but you can also come up with something yourself. In particular, try to see how this or that hairstyle will look with the help of photography and a special computer program.

The most successful in terms of choosing hairstyles are the owners of the classic oval, which go all the hairstyles that you can think of. Therefore, they rarely think about whether a hairstyle is suitable for them, but just go and do it.

Those with a long face need to visually expand it. A thick bang to the eyebrows or a voluminous hairstyle such as framing curls is well suited for this. Hairstyles of medium length, but large volume, are also suitable.

If the face is round, on the contrary, it is narrowed by straight strands that fall along the face, as, for example, in a square. Owners of this type of face will go long curls.

The choice of hairstyle depending on other parameters

Hair structure. Owners of thin hair can be advised short haircuts from which with the help of styling you can easily create many beautiful voluminous hairstyles. It is almost useless to style heavy hair, and a haircut should be chosen without counting on it.

The ears. Depending on the shape of the ears, they can be left open or covered with strands, this also greatly affects the image that is created and the impression it will make.

Eyes and nose are easily leveled with the help of voluminous hairstyles and curls thrown on the forehead.

Neck. The long neck can be emphasized with the collected hair, and the neck of an irregular shape can be adjusted by slightly covering it with loose hair.

In any case, it must be remembered that regardless of the choice of hairstyle, the image must be holistic and the hairstyle must match the situation and clothing.

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