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How to care for blonde hair in summer 2019-2020?

Blonde hair care in summer 2019-2020

Blonde hair requires more care and time than others. Even though it is common for all of us to protect our hair in the summer months, this situation requires a special care for those who have yellow hair colors. So, how should you care for blonde hair in the summer?

Blonde hair care in summer 2019-2020
Blonde hair care in summer 2019-2020

Feed with hair care conditioner

Blond hair is more affected and damaged by the sun. We don’t want a frayed, sun-faded, lifeless hair. In order to avoid this situation, it will be effective to feed your hair with hair care cream on sunny days.

Use purple shampoo

Blonde hair care in summer 2019-2020

If your hair color is dark shades and you prefer yellow hair color, your hair color may be orange, hot reflections may occur. To prevent this, you should choose shampoos with contrasting purple pigments that can neutralize these warm reflections. Purple shampoos will ensure the hair color reaches a flawless yellow tone.

Apply a moisture mask

Blonde hair care in summer 2019-2020

If you have blonde hair, you should apply a moisture mask for your hair at least once a week. In this way, you keep your hair’s moisture balance in balance.

Keep your hair away from hot water

Blonde hair care in summer 2019-2020

Take care not to shower with hot water as much as possible. The shower, which you will take in warm water close to cold, makes the hair color shine.

Styling hair before combing

Blonde hair care in summer 2019-2020

When combing your hair except for the shower, be sure to moisten your comb or brush beforehand. This method prevents hair breakage and loss.

Use rosemary oil for blonde hair!

Blonde hair care in summer 2019-2020

Rosemary oil has a restorative, healing and moisturizing effect for blonde hair. Apply 2 teaspoons of rosemary and half a cup of olive oil thoroughly by massaging your scalp. After waiting for 10 minutes shampoo and rinse with warm water. This application will allow your hair to regain the moisture lost and healthy growth.

Regardless of your hair type, I recommend you to follow these recommendations for pixie, long bob, medium length or long hair styles.

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