Hair strengthening at home

Hair strengthening at home

Hair strengthening at home
Hair strengthening at home

Many women dream of luxurious hair and are therefore ready to spend both time and money on hair care. Salon procedures do not mean cheap pleasure. The question arises – how will curls protect your health with scarcity of money? You can take care of them at home. You will learn how to do this below.


According to stylists who constantly deal with hair, a varied and balanced diet is the guarantee of effective hair care. With the lack of minerals, vitamins and other organic substances, the hair is weakened and shed.

Proper feeding is easy to regulate. The important thing is to approach this issue carefully. You can even make a handy menu without counting the number of calories and percentages of food content.

It would be reasonable to include the following products in the diet:

  • nuts: a source of useful lipids and minerals (mainly zinc, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus);
  • legume: contains essential amino acids, elements (iron, zinc), vitamin B complex trace;
    oily marine fish: polyunsaturated fats, a source of vitamins A, E, group B, animal protein, iron and other minerals;
  • white meat: contains essential amino acids and trace elements;
  • eggs: protein-rich, group B vitamins;
  • dairy products: the supply of amino acids, calcium;
  • vegetables, fruits, greens: rich in dietary fiber, organic acids and sugars, vitamins and trace elements.

In winter and autumn, inadequate intake of fresh fruits and vegetables can be compensated by special multivitamin complexes. However, you should first consult your doctor to find the most appropriate dose.

correct maintenance

To maintain the health and beauty of the hair, you need to look at them appropriately.

Do not wash your hair with too cold or hot water: it makes your hair brittle and dull. Optimum temperature – 36-37 degrees.

Wash your hair as it gets dirty. The curl rate of the oil coating is an individual sign that depends on the properties of the scalp, hair structure and other factors. Therefore, tips that are appropriate for your family and friends will not necessarily fit you.

Use a hairdryer and other heating devices to styl your hair as little as possible. If you cannot do without them, remember tools that provide protection against high temperatures.

Get a good comb. The best option is a comb with rare teeth made of natural material. For example, a tree. The screening of wet curls is taboo. This makes them fragile and weak.

Massage your scalp during each wash. Improves blood circulation, so hair grows faster and less shedding.

Follow these simple guidelines and your hair will increase day by day.

Pepper lotion for hair growth and strengthening

You will need:

• hot pepper;

• 0.5 liters of vodka.


• Wash, dry and chop the peppers.

• Pour the crushed buckwheat with vodka and leave in a dark place at room temperature for 2 weeks.

• Pass the tarpaulin through the web.

• Soak a cotton swab with the resulting lotion and lubricate the scalp with it.

• Cling your head to film and then wrap it in a towel. Let stand for a quarter hour.

• In case of severe burns, rinse the lotion beforehand.

• After the specified time, rinse the lotion with cold water and wash your hair with shampoo.

• Multiplicity of procedure – once a week and once a month.

After 4 weeks, you will notice that the hair has become much stronger and brighter and has stopped shedding. After a few weeks, you’ll be able to assess how fast hair growth is accelerating.

This lotion is suitable for all types of hair, but may cause irritation for sensitive skin owners. Be careful!

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