5 hair products that blondes should use in summer

hair products 2020

hair products 2020

As blondes, we like our hair healthy. But when it comes to being a thin-haired woman in the summer, our struggle begins.
Everything from the pool to the sun starts to work against us. Fortunately, it is possible to protect our hair with some products created by the gods of hair care for us.

Silver shampoos
This beautiful dark purple shampoo helps neutralize unwanted heat in cool yellow tones. It also provides UV protection, nourishes your make-up, creating a hair that is less susceptible to breakage with longer color protection.

Care mask
Need something a little heavier? Every blonde must have a mask for damage control. Unlike purple shampoo, you need such a preservative against strands and sediment pigments that show poor yellow tones. You can use it as a preventive method when you notice unwanted color tones or between your salon visits.

hair products 2020

Drops of opening-mix toning
The beauty of these drops is that you can control how cold or hot you want your blonde to be. You can add a few drops to your daily shampoo or hair for special toning, whether you need a general revision or a touch up for care.

Ombre sprays
These new products basically do the same thing, but they do it without orangeizing the hair. Made with coconut, lemon and pineapple juice, it is possible to polish and color yellows with sun kiss.

Blondes mask
Sometimes you need big guns. A mask specially formulated for natural and color-processed blondes, restores moisture and increases shiny spots, leaving behind hair loss. These products also protect your hair from UV rays and help protect a vivid image all summer.

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