Great hair colors you can try anywhere 2019-2020

Great hair colors in summer 2019-2020

Would you like to crown your beauty with the most beautiful hair colors? Your hair will be sparkling and very glamorous with a wonderful color tone. All hair colors 2019-2020 and you will like the inspirations.

What woman would not like to receive compliments? In addition to wardrobe, a well-groomed face, hands, hair are of great importance. On this depends the mood, which is transmitted to all others. You can hear the opinion that the shade of hair can dramatically change the character.

Hair color ideas for 2020
Hair color ideas for 2020

For lovers of experiments with their appearance, nowadays there is an opportunity to choose in a variety of color shades of the hair colorings palette. Even in ancient times, women, with the help of natural dyes, managed to change hair color.

All shades are conventionally divided into natural and unnatural, bright and calm. It is believed that natural colors are suitable for everyone, but bright colors should be chosen carefully.

The leader among the natural is henna. It is the most popular dye from ancient times. The remains of henna were found on the body and hair of Egyptian mummies. Powder for coloring is made from dried leaves of lawsonia nekoluchey. For body coloring, henna is used in India, Pakistan and many Arab countries.

Hair colors for summer 2019-2020
Hair colors for summer 2019-2020

One of the recognized brands is henna from Rainbow. The leaves of Lawson are dried and crushed into powder. In the composition of 100% organic matter. Henna paints every hair, strengthens the layer of the hair shaft cuticle. After dyeing the hair get a natural shade, the structure improves.

If the amount of gray hair exceeds 10%, then you must first check the shade on one strand. It is not recommended to use henna for bleached or blond hair.

hair colors summer 2019-2020
Hair colors for summer 2019-2020

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