Folk remedies to accelerate hair growth

hair growth 2020-2021

hair growth
hair growth

Beautiful and long hair is the dream of all women. However, not all hair grows at normal speeds – from one and a half centimeters to two in a month. Occasionally, hair growth is significantly reduced due to various negative factors, such as an unbalanced diet with nutrient and mineral deficiencies necessary for normal hair growth, inappropriate hair care, and much more.

First, you need to stop using the hair dryer, the curling iron, the styler, and secondly, correct your diet to normalize and accelerate hair growth.

Various folk remedies to accelerate hair growth

The first one acts as a stimulant to increase blood circulation in the scalp area, which increases the amount of nutrients entering the hair follicle. The main active ingredient in this recipe is mustard, which increases all the necessary processes in the skin in the head.

Ingredients: Three tablespoons dry mustard; natural kefir with a fat content of at least two and a half percent – two tablespoons.

Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and then massage them with the circular motion of the hands and apply to the wet hair. After the mustard is activated and you feel a burning skin, you should rinse this mixture with warm water. In case of any damage to the skin in your head, this recipe cannot be used.

Also consider another remedy designed to improve blood circulation to your scalp.

Unpainted vodka with a volume of 0.5 liters, poured red pepper, vodka in pods in the amount of 5-10 pods, then insisted two weeks.

Apply immediately before washing your hair. But only every seven days. Rinse this tincture in warm water with shampoo. This recipe has the disadvantages as the first: It is not recommended to use in the case of wounds or scratches in the head.

The following method is quite simple and effective. Burdock oil should be removed, rub against the roots of the hair and then apply to the entire length of the hair, put a polyethylene cover over the head wrapped with a towel, do not remove for three hours. Leaving this oil on the head longer is not recommended because the latter is washed off the head rather poorly. To do this, wash your hair with shampoo at least twice.

If you have oily hair, this method should be applied once a week, twice for normal and dry hair.

Remember that your hair is properly treated; your hair becomes beautiful and healthy.

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