Fast hair growth: 5 old recipes

Fast hair growth 2020-2021

Fast hair growth
Fast hair growth

Beautiful hair has always been one of the main signs of femininity and charm. Today, we can often see the canvases of former beauty artists with glorious, long and well-groomed hair.

It is a bit more difficult for modern women to achieve this result and grow their hair quickly, and it preserves its beauty. The problem is that we live in stress, poor ecology and low-quality care products that have become popular thanks to billions of thanks spent on advertising the product. However, in beauty matters our ancestors only hoped for nature and strong power. Therefore, the beauties of the previous generations used natural solutions and their recipes were passed down from generation to generation. Today, we will consider 5 recipes of this type surviving to date. They help you grow your thick, shiny and beautiful hair quickly and smoothly.

1- Honey with horseradish

Horseradish root is often used to make fragrant snacks and spices. However, in ancient times it was used for beautiful and long hair. Fortunately, almost every woman in the house today has a mixer or other grinding equipment, and in ancient times, she chopped the horseradish roots in a wooden mortar. The resulting slurry was mixed with natural, fresh (non-crystallized) honey and the resulting mixture was applied to the hair follicles. Honey nourishes the scalp with vitamins and minerals and horseradish promotes hair growth due to a mild irritant effect. Today, this procedure is also used by many women, but it should be borne in mind that excessive skin sensitivity is a contraindication to the use of these products.

2- Hop cone boiling

Today you can see a wide range of hair care products on the shelves of cosmetics shops. Today, most women, and even some men, use balsams, conditioners and hair masks that wash their hair after the hair and protect it from the harmful effects of shampoos and the environment. Previously, women did not have such funds and used a natural and natural remedy to stimulate hair growth, and at the same time, they protected each hair and scalp by creating an antifungal and antibacterial barrier. It’s about a decoction made of hop cones. This plant has a strong effect, but can be used externally every day, and within a week the result is noticeable – the hair ages, becomes stronger and brighter.

3- Mylnianka

A simple person who reads the composition of most shampoos in the medium price category sees a list of hidden words and names that tell him nothing. A chemist who reads a list of ingredients only sees to some extent toxic substances that slow down hair growth and cannot worsen their appearance. With regular use, these poisons can accumulate in the body and slowly destroy them. What is the value of lauryl sodium sulfate alone – scientists have proven that this chemical is not only toxic, but also has a carcinogenic effect. Therefore, it is not surprising why cancer cases are so common in our time. However, there is an alternative – you can use a natural product that is not only safe, but also useful for hair growth and beauty. Soap grass! It cleans the scalp and hair, which is not worse than expensive shampoos, and also does not violate acid-base balance, does not destroy the microflora and does not destroy the skin of the protective layer formed by the exocrine glands. Mylnyanka not only cleanses the scalp but also nourishes the scalp, improving blood circulation due to the intensification of the cell division process. This plant can be used fearlessly every day to wash your hair and other parts of the body.

4- Garlic-onion mask

One of the most extreme care procedures decided by many women in ancient times. Those who wanted to look glamorous and grow their hair quickly turned to a blunt appearance with unpleasant effects in the form of a pungent odor. Garlic and onions were chopped in equal proportions, a small amount of oil was added to protect the scalp from burns and the mixture was applied by applying massage to the hair follicles. After applying the mask, the head is wrapped in a warm scarf or a natural towel and the mixture is left on the skin for 4-5 hours or all night. A major disadvantage is that the hair emits an aroma for 3-4 days after the mask and washing with flavored shampoos may invalidate the effect of the procedure.

5- Hemp oil

Previously, this product was not only used for cosmetic procedures – it was often used as a substitute for cannabis seed sunflower because it was much lower in cost and tasted better. Hemp oil is useful for 1 tablespoon 1 tbsp 1 time a day. However, you can apply this product externally to look at the scalp. Hemp oil is partially absorbed and valuable membranes penetrate skin through membranes.

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