8 tips to accelerate hair growth at home

hair growth at home 2020-2021

hair growth at home
hair growth at home

Your wife wouldn’t want to have long, shiny, healthy hair that would decorate and honor her. Unfortunately, most girls and women cannot have smart hair, but if you take the 7 steps described in this article, you can significantly improve the appearance of your hair and even accelerate their growth.

1- Nutrition

An important element in hair care is nutrition. For hair to grow quickly, beautiful, thick and shiny, A and E vitamins rich in vitamins should be added to the diet B group, for this, fruits, vegetables and butter should eat. Fat omega-3 acids found in fish and nuts are very useful for healthy hair (skin and nails).

2- Vitamins

It is beneficial to drink any vitamin cure. Vitamins A and E are ideal, they can be consumed separately from each other or can be drunk together as part of Aevit. You can also add special female vitamins.

3- Hair masks

Masks are a great way to increase hair growth. They feed the hair follicles with beneficial substances that positively affect growth. You can use the following masks:

  • Pepper. The warmest of all masks. You need ground black or red pepper and castor oil. You should mix both ingredients and wait a few minutes. You should apply to dry hair and listen to your senses – you should have a burning sensation, but bearable. Hold the mask for half an hour – after an hour wash your hair and apply ointment.
  • Mustard. For this mask you need to attach 2 tablespoons. Add the same amount of dry mustard powder tablespoons of warm water, 2 tablespoons sugar and an egg. Apply on your head and wrap it in a plastic bag, place a towel or hat on it. The mask will also burn because it activates the follicles, so don’t be afraid. Wash the mixture after 2 hours.
  • A bread and a beer mask. You should drink half a liter of beer and put two slices of dark rye bread until completely swollen. Then apply to the roots and wash after one hour. This mask nourishes, strengthens hair and increases growth rate.

There are many other options for masks, but you need to monitor your emotions and if you feel unpleasant sensations, wash them immediately and stop using them for masks. Otherwise, allergies may develop.

4- Shampoo

It is very important to find a safe shampoo that fits your hair type and does not contain harmful substances (parabens, lauryl or laureth of sodium sulphates. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate (or ammonium) (SLS and SLES). You can find natural soft shampoos that do not harm your hair or body as a whole, or you can choose alternative options for washing your hair (egg yolk, bread, tincture, etc.).

5- Rinse

Rinsing is important in hair care. Clean hair is done after washing. To quickly shine and grow hair, rinse them with herbs. For this, plants such as nettle, chamomile, narcissus will go. You need to take two tablespoons. tablespoons of herb and pour 0.5 l of warm water gently chilled. Then leave the solution alone for 15-30 minutes, brew and begin to rinse. Remember that beer water should not be boiled or warm.

6- Aloe juice

Aloe is renowned for its regenerative properties, has a beneficial effect on facial skin, fights wrinkles. However, it can also affect hair growth. Every day, aloe juice squeezed from leaf meal should be applied to the scalp. You can have a light massage when applied. Rinse with shampoo after 15-30 minutes.

7- Oils

Oils are used everywhere in cosmetics – skin, hair, nails, teeth. Creams, masks, serums and so on. They added. The most effective oil is castor oil. It may be added to masks or heated and applied to the hair follicles for at least one hour. The head must be covered with a plastic bag and a towel. Then you need to rinse your hair thoroughly.

8- Nicotinic acid

It is known that many girls use nicotinic acid to stimulate hair growth. Niacin awakens dormant hair follicles, increases the activity of active hair follicles, so hair grows faster.

If you take good care of them, it is easy to cultivate your hair. The real thing in this business is regularity and love for your hair!

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