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7 solutions for dealing with gray hair

Short gray hairstyles 2020

short gray hairstyles 2020
short gray hairstyles 2020

The appearance of gray hair in jet black hair is not a sign that you are getting older, but this is not excluded. Read in our article about the reasons for gray hair and how to deal with gray hair.

Gray Hair Causes

  • It’s not the last violin that looks like gray hair. If one of the parents turned gray as a young man, then you cannot be surprised why gray hair began to appear in his beloved children so early.
  • Stresses are on the list of causes of early gray hair. Even if you have successfully recovered from a stressful situation, the consequences will accumulate in our bodies, and when this bowl is full, not only gray hair, but also illnesses begin to get something for us. The stressful condition causes spasm of the vessels of the brain as well as the small vessels responsible for the hair’s nutrition. As a result, you can see intense hair loss, pigment loss and vivid gray hair for a long time! After overstretching, one can see a picture of focal graying, ie. a strand of gray hair may appear.
  • After taking some special remedies, you can also see the appearance of gray hair.
  • By the way, a protein-free diet can cause gray hair. This is especially true for women aged 17 to 50 years.
  • UV rays do not affect our hair in the best way, hair is dried and loses its natural pigment.
    Many scientists say that gray hair may appear due to incorrect function in liver. In kidney diseases, thyroid gland also causes early graying. Scientists can also use hormonal disorders, herpes, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases, and so on.
  • There is the idea that gray hair is nothing more than the reaction of our body to overload. Just now, every organism reacts differently: some have a stomach ulcer, others have a heart attack, and one has a gray hair.

From the above, it can be concluded that a gray-haired organism indicates the appearance of health problems.

gray hair 2020
gray hair 2020

Tips on how to deal with gray hair:

  • Probably, most of them did this while combing hair, noticed gray hair, they just took it and ruthlessly removed it. Then don’t do this. The truth is, when you do this with a bristle, you doom it so that it turns gray. And also where the hair is pulled, it can transmit infection. Now tell me, do you need this kind of problem? Worst of all, this hair can be cut with scissors.
  • You can fight early gray hair with the fusion of nettle. For preparation, you need dry nettles – roots and leaves (50g). Place in a bowl and place an equal amount of water and vinegar (0.5 liters each) and boil for 30 minutes at low heat. Rinse after a hot head wash.
  • Dark hair can be rinsed with brewed tea.
  • A hair mask made with henna or chamomile with daisy not only strengthens the hair, but also naturally strengthens gray hair. Strongly brewed chamomile dyes hair yellowish-golden, but if you get rhubarb, the hair turns light brown.
  • In addition to the need to reconsider your lifestyle and diet, experts recommend taking celery, parsley or blueberry juice daily with sea-buckthorn oil (1-3 tablespoons each).
  • You can fight early gray hair with the help of the following hair water: crushed burdock root (2 tablespoons), put in a suitable container, pour 0.5 liters of water and boil (2 teaspoons) until half of the volume remains in the bowl. ). The broth is insisted for 2-3 hours, then filtered and applied to the scalp 2 times a day. The course is 2-3 months.
  • To push gray hair, you must saturate the body with tyrosine. To do this, pumpkin seeds, almonds, sesame seeds, avocado, sprouted wheat grains, you need to include products such as cheese in your diet.
  • Gray hair is caused by a lack of copper and zinc in the body, so you need to feed the body with these elements, which are found in white cabbage, almonds. If you use potatoes, then it is better to chew beets not only in cooked form, but in raw form. If we talk about the lack of copper in the body, it is useful to warn against fanatic eating of this element, copper preparation and excessive saturation can damage the body.

Medications for gray hair

Try to fight drugs with gray hair, vitamins “A”, “C”, “E”, “B”, “B1”, “B2” as well as nicotinic and folic acid drugs. You should consult a specialist for how long and how long they will take these medications.

You can search in pharmacies for Remolan soap. According to the developer, this soap does not contain stabilizers, preservatives, hormones and other chemicals, but contains a range of medicinal plant oils grown in the Carpathians. This soap was created not to dye gray hair but to fight it, it stimulates the root of the hair and begins to produce.

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