5 secrets of luxury hair: hair care rules

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hair care
hair care

With their desire to have beautiful, well-groomed hair, girls are sometimes ready for amazing tricks. But is it really necessary to make a lot of effort to own them? Not at all! It is enough to know a few secrets and use them.

Then untie your class!

  1. First, the hair dryer has been inherited from the mother or purchased years ago! Old spirals are heated to high temperatures when you finish laying, just as you would have visited a sauna. The redness of the cheeks, of course, will pass in a few minutes, but the hair and skin of the face and head will be irreparably damaged … I’m kidding! Of course, it can be repaired! But next time more about it.

Get yourself a good hairdryer with an ionizer, cold air function and a few speeds. It doesn’t have to be insanely expensive – you don’t have to pay much for a brand. The lesser known manufacturers also have good models that meet the requirements.

  1. Second, when drying the hair, the air flow must be directed from the roots to the ends, thus closing the hair and making the hair smoother and more delicate. Works with long and medium length hair. Those who want a short haircut and a voluminous hair style should direct a stream of air perpendicular to the hair, but in no case should they go from end to roots.
  2. Hidden number three. Despite this … It is no secret that the straightening iron mercilessly ruins his hair. Therefore, when choosing it, it is also not worth saving. Buy a model with a temperature controller and plates made of good material. For example, from tourmaline, in addition to good sliding, it also ionizes the hair and thus removes the electrification process.

Lovers to straighten hair should refuse to use the hair dryer. Wash your hair in the evening and let it dry naturally at night. In the morning, use an iron. This saves time and allows you to sleep longer in the morning.

  1. Fourth rule: Long hair should of course not be washed every day unless you are actively involved in sports. Shampoos, which are widely advertised for daily use, disrupt the sebaceous glands and consequently cause hair contamination even faster. Prepare your hair for a “swim üç every three to four days. It will take some time. But learning should be gradual.
  2. Hidden number five: don’t chase fashion. More products that no longer contain paraben and silicone have begun to appear on store shelves, which does not mean that there are no other artificial components in their composition. The shelf life of most natural cosmetic products is very short, so in these shampoos these preservatives are replaced with others, they are less harmful. “Listen” your hair – after using silicone shampoo, if your hair is obedient, shiny and doesn’t get dirty for long, that’s what you need.

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