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Hair colors – Choose your ideal hair color
Natural hair colors change, or the desire to highlight unique for many women. This supplement is a great way to change the image, color and care cosmetics for hair and hair simplified the process as simple and harmless. Modern hair coloring agents can be divided into several categories: permanent or indelible ink; semipermanente soft paint; This means that the tone.

The choice depends on the coloring agent that you want to achieve hair coloring. While others prefer to permanent hair coloring, some women opt for a temporary picture coloring shampoo. Permanent coloration is more durable and lasts a long time, but unfortunately, the frequent use of hair dye damage. The most constant structure and hair color has a negative impact on the state includes ammonia. Despite allowing the paint deep penetration into the hair structure. Thus, it turns out, it is the highest color fastness. permanent stains can be cleaned only radically Published – wait, she cut off her hair and regrowing hair a natural color. Unlike ammonia contains soft semipermanente permanent dyes. therefore this component in their structure, other, more easily modifiable substances and hair structure provides less damage. That is why it is called soft. penetrate deep into the hair and paints Such vehicles do not gradually faded. Just resistant paint, soft semi-permanent hair shine and gives a well-groomed appearance includes a range of different additives. All this after washing your hair color from the image gradually loses density and six post – hair washing ten times completely lost. Gentle change of paint color for the hair radically opposite and open burning blonde or brunette is suitable for people who do not want to. only the surface of the paint Hair Coloring shampoos penetration structure. This coloring is the most unstable form.

Choosing a shampoo for hair dye or color, it should always pay attention to the fund – materials should not damage your hair or scalp. Beautiful and natural hair color – properly selected shade and beauty, as well as emphasizing the depth of your eyes healthy skin luster, because the most cherished dream of women. Beautiful hair – thick and shiny – every time when women were considered the best decorations. But modern women are often not satisfied with the color of nature. At present, women, and then try to change it, or at least adjusted. How to view and undermine their health, do it right? current trends in color – is the desire to achieve natural tones. Regardless of why hair color – gray hair or desire to hide decorative purposes – we are trying to create a natural tone. Hairstyle and hair color on the face corresponding to the color and shape to emphasize individuality. hair replacement, you may need to change the location of the color or bleached yarn. But, for example, increase the visual features front light strands, and vice versa, do not forget.

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